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Reports: J.T. Barrett involved in domestic dispute

ABC6 is reporting police responded to an incident at J.T. Barrett's residence on Tuesday.


According to WSYX6's Mike McCarthy, injured Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett was involved in a domestic dispute on Tuesday.

Per McCarthy, Barrett called Columbus Police following an incident with his girlfriend. Both parties reportedly made assault allegations but neither had visible injuries and ultimately no charges were filed. Also according to McCarthy, the prosecutors office is investigating and following typical protocol in these kinds of situations.

Additional details from ABC6 include a he said-she said account of Barrett stating that his girlfriend "ran at him and pushed him" and that Barrett pushed her away in self-defense. The girlfriend told police that Barrett "choked her". According to police, a witness heard the couple arguing but did not see any kind of physical altercation.

An Ohio State spokesperson told Lantern TV that the school was aware of the incident and that they're continuing to gather info.

The Columbus Dispatch obtained the 911 calls by Barrett and his girlfriend.