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Podcast: Ohio State-Alabama, bowl season and more with Ryan Nanni, aka Celebrity Hot Tub

One of college football internet's funniest voices joins us to talk about the next month of college football

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We've been lucky to bring in a lot of great guests on the Hangout in the Holy Land, and we'll continue to do that this year, but I agree that most of them are Big Ten focused. Sometimes, you need to step outside your bubble, and get a completely different perspective. And who better to provide a different perspective than one of the most unique, and funniest college football voices on the internet, Ryan Nanni? You probably know Nanni, who writes for Every Day Should Be Saturday, SB, and does the Punt Brothers and Shutdown Fullback podcasts, a little bit better as Celebrity Hot Tub.

We chat Ohio State-Alabama with Ryan, and whether the Buckeyes have a chance in hell, and if they should even be there at all over TCU and Baylor. We also talk about which bowl games we are most, and least, excited to watch (don't even think about turning on that Illinois-Louisiana Tech game). We also discuss U2, the funniest possible coaching search, and who Urban Meyer should turn into a stud QB next. Finally, we learn that Florida football is not unlike prison food.

It's a fun episode!

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You can also listen to the show below. Thanks for listening:

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