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Podcast: Big Ten coaching searches with the other Matt Brown, from Sports On Earth

Did you know that there are TWO guys named Matt Brown who write about college football? One of them works for SB Nation. The other writes smart columns for Sports on Earth. We have them both to discuss coaching searches and more

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In our last podcast, Ryan Nanni pointed something out that has been mentioned to me a few times. It's kinda confusing when I RT or tweet at Matt Brown from Sports on Earth. The best way to combat this, and to remind people that we are not, in fact, the same person, is to record the MATT BROWN SINGULARITY PODCAST.

Matt brings his insights to discuss the surprising coaching searches happening in the Big Ten, to Wisconsin playing it overly safe with (likely) Paul Chryst, to Nebraska's hiring of Oregon State's Mike Riley, to pondering what Michigan is going to do, and how it probably results in a cartoonish villain coming to Ann Arbor. We also discuss his fun column about what the playoffs would look like if they had 8, 16, 32, 64, or aw hell, everybody in them, and why the world needs to see a first round matchup of Baylor and Michigan.

Also, there's a brief bit on all the other Matt Browns in the world of sports. Turns out, there are several!

As always, you can listen to this week's episode below or check us out on iTunes. You can also subscribe via RSS on Android and Windows Phone devices. If you're listening on iTunes, writing us a nice review would certainly help other people find the show, which would be neat!

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