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Why is this news?: Tom Herman has Houston fan's approval, Bo Pelini new head coach at Youngstown State

All the big Ohio State news in one helpful place.

Bo Pelini has been hired to be the head coach at Youngstown State.
Bo Pelini has been hired to be the head coach at Youngstown State.
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"Of the 225 people that read Duarte's tweet and decided to take a second to respond, 224 of them (99.5%) felt it was a great hire for Houston."

- Doug Samuels, Football Scoop

Houston's latest hiring of Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman as their head coach has Cougar fans excited for the years ahead with Herman at the helm. In fact, when the staff at Football Scoop took to Twitter to find out the approval rating, Cougar fans responded with 99.5% in favor of the hiring. And why wouldn't they be excited? Herman has been a huge asset for the Buckeyes during the past three seasons and has helped turned their offense into a high-powered machine.

Whether Herman will have the same success in Houston remains to be seen, but his track record works in his favor. Even at Iowa State, the Cyclones had an offense that allowed them to compete with top teams in the Big 12, and even upend one of the top teams in the country (Oklahoma State) at the time.

"Bosa's trademark shrug became a meme unto itself, in part because it was deployed so frequently - Bosa tallied 13.5 sacks on the season, good for fourth in the FBS - but mainly because it was so damn fitting. The blasé, I-could-do-this-in-my-sleep celebration was a perfect distillation of the seeming effortlessness with which he performed, and figures to become even more pronounced as his career progresses."

- Grantland staff, Grantland

The staff over at Grantland released the postseason version of the Triangle All-Stars, which highlights some of the best players in the country, but for the fun-to-watch factor, more than stats or other awards given to players. Making the list was Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa, for his domination of the Big Ten and making the "shrug" meme leak into the college football landscape.

Bosa is the only two-time member of the college football Triangle All-Stars, after making the preseason list earlier this year. The best is surely yet to come, as the Buckeyes have Bosa for at least one more season, since the monster defensive end is just a sophomore. There's little doubt Bosa will head to the NFL after next season, but for now, Buckeye fans can rest assured that the shrug will be in Columbus for at least another year.

Former Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini will be the new head coach of Youngstown State, in a little bit of a surprise in my eyes. After going 9-4 in what seemed like every season with the Cornhuskers from 2008-2014, Pelini was fired at the end of the regular season in what started the coaching carousel in not only the Big Ten, but across the country as well.

Pelini will team up with current Youngstown State president Jim Tressel, who became the university's president earlier this year. Pelini becomes the school's seventh head coach and returns to his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. I truly thought Pelini would be receiving offers from plenty of schools, even top-tier ones (though perhaps as a defensive coordinator), but he must have thought that it was time for him to return home.

"All of the sudden momentum just flipped. If we go in at 28-14 there's a different feel, there's a little bit more like, 'OK, we've got them.' But they hit two big plays in that three minutes. So you deal with it."

- Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio, via Dan Murphy, ESPN

Dan Murphy took a look back at the pivotal Big Ten game between Ohio State and Michigan State during the middle of the 2014 season and specifically pointed to an offensive holding call against the Spartans late in the second quarter. That holding call wiped out what would have been a Jeremy Langford touchdown run to put Michigan State up 28-14, a somewhat commanding lead heading into halftime.

Instead, the call was made and after failing to convert a third and long, the Spartans promptly missed a field goal and gave possession back to Ohio State, who would run away with the game from that point on, the momentum shifted in the Buckeyes' favor. Murphy also pushed the hypothetical even further:

If Michigan State doesn't get caught for holding, it could have pressed the Buckeyes and perhaps taken a two-score lead into the second half. Maybe Barrett doesn't play as loose without those two late scores and perhaps the Spartans hang on to win. They would be the one-loss team playing an overmatched Wisconsin squad in Indianapolis. With their only loss coming on the road to No. 2 Oregon, perhaps the selection committee sees them as worthy of one of four playoff spots.