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Podcast: Ohio State's potential Tom Herman replacements, Jim Harbaugh and more with Luke Zimmermann

We haven't podcasted in a little while and we have a lot to talk about before the holidays, so it's podcasting time.

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The holidays are just about here, and you've probably got a long drive or flight ahead of you as your make your pilgrimage back home. Lucky for you, your pals at Land-Grant Holy Land got you a gift. It's a new podcast! I hope you like it.

Matt Brown and Luke Zimmermann discuss the latest in Ohio State related news over the last few days, including Ohio State's Tom Herman leaving to become the new headman at Houston. Will he be successful? Who will Ohio State likely target to replace him, and who do we like or dislike for that job? We also touch on the coaching searches at Wisconsin and Michigan, and try to handicap the likelihood of Jim Harbaugh taking the Michigan gig, now that Michigan has (or hasn't) made him an offer of elevendy billion dollars. We even talked some basketball too!

As always, you can listen to this week's episode below or check us out on iTunes. You can also subscribe via RSS on Android and Windows Phone devices. If you're listening on iTunes, writing us a nice review would certainly help other people find the show, which would be neat!

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Thanks for listening. Go Bucks.