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Ohio State vs. North Carolina 2014 live game updates: Time, TV schedule, and how to watch

The Buckeyes tip off in Chicago against North Carolina on CBS/97.1 The Fan. Watch/listen and join the action below!

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Are you that Ohio State fan? You know the kind I'm talking about.

The one that for the better part of the last six weeks, while Urban Meyer and the football Buckeyes have been doing something special have been ignoring what has all the makings of a rather good basketball team because of the schedule.

There's no arguing it leaves a lot to be desired, and hey, who'd fault you for not going to the games, but come on. You only get so many Ohio State basketball games every year (and if you want to be deep, for the life of your fandom). And you're especially only going to get a rather finite number of D'Angelo Russell in scarlet and gray. May as well take them in while you can.

That unpleasantness aside, there's a real, live flesh and blood NCAA tournament side on the docket today. North Carolina may not live up to the billing of some of the Tar Heel teams of yesteryear, but it's a very long, very talented group which can give a young, still growing together Buckeye side some fits. The Buckeyes' record against blue bloods hasn't always been outstanding either, for whatever that's worth.

You wanted the best, you got it. The basketball Bucks do battle with Roy Williams and the Tar Heels. And below is your GameThread.

Be cool to one another, and we all win.

Go Bucks. Beat UNC.

How to Watch and live streaming:

TV: 1:00 p.m., CBS (Channel 1010 on Time Warner Columbus/Delaware)

Radio: 97.1 The Fan