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Ohio State's hype video for Alabama will have you ready to win the Sugar Bowl

If you want to win one of the first two ever College Football Playoff semifinals, there's no better place to start than the Ohio State video team's outstanding hype video.

As has become customary since last season, the routine goes something like this: the Ohio State athletic department video braintrust puts together a killer video trailer, you watch it, you get hyped, you watch it again, you get more hyped, you watch it again and again and again and you repeat until you've literally run through a wall and/or sprinted like Sonic the Hedgehog all the way to New Orleans.

A final tip of the hat on the season to David Trichel, the Buckeyes' director of video post-production, and his entire team. They're not only marketing the university (and more specifically the athletic department) in the right way, but they're also getting us all ready for kickoff week in-week out. Take a bow, gents.

Go Bucks.