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Why should Ohio State be in the College Football Playoff? Students tell SportsCenter

Ohio State students lined up in the Ohio Union for SportsCenter's "State Your Case" segment and a chance to get on TV.

SB Nation

A wet December morning has not kept the Ohio State students at bay. Many students have jumped on a chance to bolster the Buckeyes playoff chances Friday in the Ohio Union.

Some of the main sentiments heard uttered included citing the loss of Braxton Miller, the record against Big Ten opponents on the road like Michigan State and Minnesota, and also how Ohio State has overcome adversity the entire year. However, some more outlandish students have taken routes dissimilar from the general population.

A few strange arguments were in favor of causing Mark May and Lou Holtz to fight about the issue, calling Alabama and other teams "weak sauce," and a strong case for "our players being better looking", but the student was unsure due to the helmet effect.

If you want to check if you or anyone you know from Ohio State made it on TV, just tune into the SportsCenter all day Friday on ESPN.