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Ohio State fans chant "WE WANT BAMA" up big on Wisconsin

Great night!

A video posted by Cole Wilson (@colewilson80) on

The best meme of 2013 still has a pulse.

Up by eight scores well on their way to the first shutout win in a Power 5 conference championship game ever and the biggest point-spread-underdog margin of victory in the history of college football, Ohio State fans took matters into their own hands, beginning a "WE WANT BAMA" chant.

While previously we've come across ironic and often sarcastic "We Want Bama' chants making their way into the college sports internet lexicon, Buckeye faithful turned in a situationally perfect one, as Ohio State backers want nothing more than their team to earn their way into the first ever College Football Playoff set to be announced later today. If it's as the four seed against a one seeded Alabama in New Orleans, well hey, all the better.

For what it's worth, the Buckeyes are 0-3 all time against Alabama, with their most recent matchup coming in the 1995 Citrus Bowl, a 24-17 loss.