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Ohio State to wear throwback alternate uniforms v. Alabama in Sugar Bowl

The Buckeyes will be looking good in their Sugar Bowl duds.

Fans who were worried that Ohio State might wear their typical alternate uniforms for their playoff showdown against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl can sleep a little easier at night. Nike has released the uniforms for the four playoff teams, and Ohio State will be wearing duds that call back in their 1968 consensus national championship year, instead of the more metallic outfits of recent big games.

Nike sponsors all four teams in the college football playoff, and the other school's looks can be found here. While the uniforms modeled are all home version, Nike also designed road versions of each new alternate uniforms, which Ohio State will wear against Alabama.

And in what might be the best subtle touch to the entire configuration, Ohio State will also have an awesome shirt for their base layer under the uniforms. The Ohio State athletic department preserved one of Hayes’ last "chalk board" sessions and enshrined it. The baselayer pattern features a literal print of Woody Hayes' hand written notes for a book he was working on.

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