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Malik McDowell still in flux, Ohio State, Florida St. visits to come?

Five-star defensive end Malik McDowell's letter of intent still hasn't been signed for him to go to Michigan State, and one of the strangest recruiting stories of 2014 might just get a little stranger.

UPDATE 4:27 p.m. ET: McDowell's high school coach is saying the visits aren't on as far as he knows:

"I don't think the visits are set," Conley said. "I think it's something his dad is wishing for, but Malik hasn't said anything but MSU."

Original post follows:

After watching five-star defensive end, and top player in the state of Michigan Malik McDowell select a Michigan State hat on signing day and announce his preference to sign with the Spartans, you would be forgiven for thinking that this recruitment story was over. But McDowell's family has other ideas, and now the story is about to take a dramatic twist.

Per Rivals, McDowell still hasn't officially decided on where to go, despite what we all saw on TV. The family is now reportedly considering taking unofficial visits to Florida State and Ohio State, in an effort to resolve what has been a messy, and public, decision. The family is hoping for a conclusion by the end of March.

Malik has been consistent in wanting to attend Michigan State, but his mother has been adamant in wanting him to go virtually anywhere else. Michigan is considered a potential destination, per Malik's father.

Or course, Malik could still ignore his parents and go to Michigan State anyway. Per

McDowell's mother has legal guardianship, and he would need her signature to send in his letter of intent. However, he can still attend the school without her approval, by simply signing a financial aid agreement and enrolling at the university without a letter of intent.

While it would be great to have a player of McDowell's talent at Ohio State, here's hoping that the situation is quickly resolved in a way that is beneficial to the whole family.