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Malik McDowell says he's solid to Michigan State, won't visit Ohio State

New reports seem to refute earlier rumors that McDowell might take a visit to Columbus. Instead, any hope that he'd end up with Ohio State appears to be shot.

Perhaps this year's strangest recruiting story, the saga of five-star defensive end prospect Malik McDowell, Michigan State, and his parents, has taken another turn, ideally one closer to its resolution.

That Malik McDowell preferred Michigan State to Ohio State or Florida State  isn't news, he did, after all, pick them on signing day. However, his parents, specifically his mother, had been resolutely against him going to Michigan State, even refusing to sign the requite paperwork. There had been talk that McDowell might visit Columbus, another school he had been considering, but this most recent news appears to torpedo that. reporter Josh Newkirk tweeted out McDowell still believes he will be a Michigan State Spartan, and will not take any unofficial visits, like to Ohio State or Florida State, even though there does not appear to be evidence of a public change in heart from his parents:

For what it's worth, 247Sports' Steve Wiltfong reported not long after that Michigan of all schools isn't entirely out of it for McDowell despite Newkirk's conversation with the 5-star defensive end.

On the surface, it looks like any hope that McDowell would be joining Ohio State's 2014 recruiting has been extinguished, but with the way this story has gone, until April 1st, you just never completely know.