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Kerry Coombs gives another Ohio State recruiting pitch for the ages

Ohio State special teams coach Kerry Coombs gives another one of his legendary recruiting pitches – and we're ready to run through a wall again.

Ohio State special teams coach Kerry Coombs is back with another one of his epic recruiting pitches, once again courtesy of Ezekiel Elliott's father, Stacy.

The Buckeyes are hosting a trio of prospects this weekend in the form of commits Dante Booker Jr. and Parris Campbell, but most importantly 2014 five-star Malik McDowell, who is Ohio State's top remaining target in the 2014 recruiting class.

Malik and his family needed to be wowed by Ohio State on his visit, especially the family, who will play a big role in his college decision set for Wednesday. The speech, by Coombs, which was centered around the Buckeyes' 24-game win streak, certainly can't hurt the recruits in attendance and their families' opinion of Ohio State. Here's a little of what the speech giving legend had to say to recruits:

"You already know what it feels like to win a championship. How do you win 24 straight games? Do you know? At a place like Ohio State? How do you do that? I want you to hear the message today. It's important for your future. The reason we're in the locker room today is not because we want to talk about a renovation. It's not because we want to show you the men inside the locker room. The men who put on the jerseys and wear the shoes. Those are the men that create 24 straight victories at Ohio State. Those are the men that make a difference. Because here's what's real: You're going to go and have gone to a lot of places and seen a lot of great facilities and great places. Not as great as here. You've got to make a choice and a decision on where you're going to spend your careers. And when you get right down to it, you want to be around men who are like you. You want to be around men where the game is important. You want to be around men where winning 24 straight is still not acceptable at Ohio State. You understand that? It's a great accomplishment. It hasn't been done before. But it's not acceptable at Ohio State. You know what is acceptable? Winning them all."

"You get a chance to start the next streak. And the next streak doesn't stop at 24."

Coombs also preached head coach Urban Meyer's plan to win a national championship in the speech and made sure the recruits knew they were recruited by the Buckeyes to be a part of that plan.

"Our head coach absolutely has a plan. Not a plan for goodness. Not even a plan for greatness but a plan for excellence. To be different than everybody else. I know this about our head coach: 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, he is focused on winning that championship."

"We recruited you because winning is critical to you."

"Let's get a little Juice this morning. That's why it's special. That's why it's different...There is one best place, and it is this place."

Are you not a little fired up after watching that? /Grabs a helmet