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Jim Delany: Friday games not imminent, against pay for play

The most powerful man in the Big Ten spoke to a wide range of subjects including additional Friday night games, college athletes potentially unionizing, and professional drafts.

Jason Szenes

Just days after we learned that the Big Ten was investigating the viability of additional Friday night contests (which based on historical precedent is usually code for "this is happening"), commissioner Jim Delany spoke to the City Club of Chicago where he downplayed the prospects of more Friday games anytime soon – at least outside of Thanksgiving and Labor Day weekends.

"Beyond that, I don't think while I'm around here you're going to see Friday night games," he said. "Down the road? Who knows?"

Delany also spoke to a wide range of other hot button issues currently impacting college athletics, including former Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter and the United Steelworkers recently unveiled intentions to unionize college athletes.

While Delany was clear in his opposition to the idea of student athletes getting paid, he made it clear the he felt in a restructured NCAA, student athletes would need a far more prominent seat at the table.

"I feel certain that at institutes and conference and NCAA level, there will be more opportunity for points of view, and I hope to give them not only a voice but maybe a way to weigh in."

Interestingly, Delany also touched on the NBA's one-and-done rule, which new commissioner Adam Silver has been outspoken about his desire to change to an approach that would require students to wait two years after their high school graduating class has graduated before they'd be eligible for the NBA Draft. Delany's personal preference seemed in line with the NBA's guidelines of yesteryear which allowed players to enter the league straight out of high school or at any time they wished throughout their collegiate careers.

With a possible ruling expected on whether or not student athletes qualify as employees due as early as this week, we should see movement on the former sooner than later,. But hierarchical changes to the NCAA might be years away, and no movement will come on the NBA Draft side until 2017 at the earliest.

viaCollege Football Talk