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Ohio State basketball schedule 2014-15: Home-and-homes announced

The home-and-homes were announced for the new 14 team Big Ten schedule for next year, and there's some good news for Buckeye fans.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Are you desperate for some good news about OSU basketball, after watching last night's tire fire? Well, we're happy to help.

Per Ohio State, the conference home-and-homes for next year's Big Ten basketball schedule have been announced. The league has too many teams for Ohio State to play each team twice after all.

Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska and Wisconsin will only be home games for Ohio State next year, saving the Bucks from tricky road environments in Madison and College Park. Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern and Rutgers will only be road games for Ohio State. The Buckeyes will play Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Penn State and Purdue twice.

It's impossible to predict who is going to be good next and who won't be from here, but this season's results notwithstanding, getting two games against Penn State doesn't hurt, along with only playing Michigan State once (although it'll be a tough road game).

The league schedule will still provide plenty of chances for Ohio State to build a formidable computer and tournament profile. The specific order and dates of the games will be announced at a later date.

Illinois Indiana*
Indiana* Iowa*
Iowa* Michigan*
Maryland Michigan State
Michigan* Minnesota
Nebraska Northwestern
Penn State* Penn State*
Purdue* Purdue*
Wisconsin Rutgers
* Denotes double-plays