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National Signing Day 2014: Ohio State live recruiting chat

We're bringing you all the news about Urban Meyer's next great Ohio State recruiting class throughout the day on National Signing Day 2014. Keep it tuned here for all the commitments, signings, and analysis live as they happen.


Luke Zimmermann [4:02 PM]:

We’ll have much more shortly so stay tuned to Go Bucks

Luke Zimmermann [4:02 PM]:

Well folks, it’s been a blast spending our National Signing Day ’14 with you.

Christopher Jason [3:47 PM]:

Burrows moved to safety/ nickle

Matt Brown [3:30 PM]:

Seems like Ohio State won’t be afraid to use multiple backs this season. Wouldn’t be a shock, given depth there

Charles Doss [3:29 PM]:

Stan Drayton on Jamarco Jones “Glad hes a Buckeye. We needed him”

James Mee [3:26 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann No they’re just something that came out my nightmare to ruin undefeated seasons. Like that year of Wisconsin. 2010?

Luke Zimmermann [3:24 PM]:

Urban Meyer acknowledges the existence of Michigan State “They’re real”

OSUmets [3:21 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Awesome, thanks!

Luke Zimmermann [3:20 PM]:

@OSUmets Sure, we can publish a recap or the transcripts if you want.

Matt Brown [3:20 PM]:

#thestruggle is real

OSUmets [3:20 PM]:

Will a link of the press conference be posted to LGHL later today? I’m on a call for work right now and can’t listen to Urbz :-

Matt Brown [3:19 PM]:

Who knows?

Charles Doss [3:18 PM]:

“Yeah I think so.”

Charles Doss [3:18 PM]:

Meyer on best class since he joined OSU-

Charles Doss [3:17 PM]:

Meyer really impressed with Billy Price since moving him to the OL. Could start

Matt Brown [3:16 PM]:

Man, I love having a coach who actually answers questions

Matt Brown [3:16 PM]:

Last year was a “disappointment” in OL development

Christopher Jason [3:16 PM]:

Meyer is coming out guns blazin’ in this presser

Luke Zimmermann [3:15 PM]:

Gareon Conley mention

Luke Zimmermann [3:13 PM]:

Christian Bryant done at OSU. No shock there.

Matt Brown [3:13 PM]:

Meyer also pretty candid about how the sanctions really hurt OSU on special teams and the secondary

Matt Brown [3:13 PM]:


Luke Zimmermann [3:12 PM]:

On Jones, Meyer says he won’t tell kids they can’t visit elsewhere. #subtweet

Luke Zimmermann [3:11 PM]:

DYING at the closer line.

Matt Brown [3:11 PM]:

Don’t like to me Urban. You know what Facetime is.

Luke Zimmermann [3:10 PM]:

Thoughts on this defensive “final call” Fickell will supposedly have?

Luke Zimmermann [3:10 PM]:

Interesting that Baldwin seems to have the inside track to the starting right tackle role.

Matt Brown [3:10 PM]:

Yeah, that’s an interesting insight to really how delegated the recruiting process is. Urban doesn’t know everything about everybody

Christopher Jason [3:09 PM]:

Great to hear that Urban already has confidence in LJ, signing Slade without knowing him

Luke Zimmermann [3:09 PM]:

Speaks to LJ’s clout that they took Slade even though Meyer seems to not know a ton about him.

Charles Doss [3:09 PM]:

Not a big surprise but Damon Webb, Marshon Lattimore and Erick Smith should see the field early

Matt Brown [3:08 PM]:

Meyer mentioned Brady Taylor as somebody who sneaks into the rotation. I think that would be a surprise, but hey, Urbz knows best

Matt Brown [3:07 PM]:

Sounders like Hooker might be a RS candidate

Charles Doss [3:07 PM]:

Coach Meyer plans to play all four freshman linebackers, Kyle Berger, Sam Hubbard, Raekwon McMillan, Dante Booker next season. No Redshirts in their future

Matt Brown [3:06 PM]:

The no redshirt business had been emphasized along other position groups today.

Charles Doss [3:06 PM]:

Coombs will coach Corners, while Chris Ash will be the overall voice of the secondary

Luke Zimmermann [3:05 PM]:

“There’s no plans to redshirt” the 4 linebacker signees. Said same exact thing last August about many of the guys who wound up redshirting.

Matt Brown [3:05 PM]:

Urban has continued to talk about the need for an overhaul at the linebacker spot. Seems to really like this class though.

Matt Brown [3:04 PM]:

Urban said he’s going to be more involved than he’s ever been on defense this year. I like it.

Luke Zimmermann [3:03 PM]:

Meyer speaking to the origin story of adding Johnson and Ash. Says he and Ash first spoke in 2011 when he took the Ohio State job.

Luke Zimmermann [3:02 PM]:


Meet The Dream 14: Ohio State’s next great class

Get to know the names behind Ohio State’s 2014 recruiting class.

Luke Zimmermann [3:02 PM]:

Before the presser gets really going, check out our NSD ’14 package:

Matt Brown [3:02 PM]:

Let’s party.

Luke Zimmermann [2:54 PM]: for those who want to watch the press conference along with us.

Luke Zimmermann [2:49 PM]:

Might as well keep this party going through it

Luke Zimmermann [2:49 PM]:

We’re about 11 minutes from Urban Meyer’s press conference

Charles Doss [2:46 PM]:

Luke Zimmermann [2:34 PM]:

All but official:

Charles Doss [2:18 PM]:

Yessir. The staff is really putting a solid group together. Should make for great Saturday afternoons for years to come

James Mee [2:14 PM]:

Adds depth to our already great D-Linee

Charles Doss [2:13 PM]:

I agree. Solid prospect.

James Mee [2:13 PM]:

From what I read MSU gave him an ultimatum to sign or find a different place to play. So he found a better place to play

James Mee [2:11 PM]:

Glad that we got Slade if we couldn’t get McDowell.

Charles Doss [2:05 PM]:

Luke Zimmermann [2:00 PM]:

Crazy stuff

James Mee [1:58 PM]:

And there was still a bit of signing day magic left

Charles Doss [1:57 PM]:


Darius Slade to sign with Ohio State

As first reported by Stephen Spiewak, Darius Slade has signed with Ohio State and will end up in the Buckeyes’ 2014 recruiting class.

James Mee [1:44 PM]:

No idea about the validity of that but it looks like we just got Slade. Interesting turn of events

James Mee [1:41 PM]:

And Birm reports that Slade has just signed

James Mee [1:39 PM]:

So I saw a tweet that Slade was no longer being recruited by MSU. Is this true? What if Malik falls through?

Charles Doss [1:33 PM]:

Minutes are there for the taking. They all need to keep working hard for them

James Mee [1:24 PM]:

@BelievelandFan Maybe he is trying to force Smith or the other guys to work harder

Charles Doss [1:21 PM]:

BelievelandFan [1:19 PM]:

@Jmee15 Or Warren Ball, I just dont like giving the job this early, gives over confidence and doesn’t force them all to work hard

James Mee [1:17 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas Yeah I haven’t been particularly impressed with Rod Smith. He has a case of the fumblitis on occasion and that just can’t happen. Also no talk of Bri’onte

Ian Cuevas [1:14 PM]:

@Jmee15 Not surprising. Elliott is extremely talented. It was thought to be between Elliott and Smith. Only surprise was that Meyer said that this early.

James Mee [1:13 PM]:

Thoughts on Meyer saying EZE will be the starting tailback next year?

James Mee [1:05 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas Me either but we’ll see. He didn’t seem overly excited when he was announcing but then again he might just be reserved. Hard to say.

Ian Cuevas [1:04 PM]:

@Jmee15 We’ll have to see how it plays out, but I wouldn’t want his mother forcing him to go somewhere he didn’t choose.

James Mee [1:03 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas Makes me think of CyKo and the Auburn-Bama problem

Sam Vecenie [1:03 PM]:

@Jmee15 I feel confident that Malik McDowell’s mother has him locked in a basement while she shows him a reel of home videos of how crappy the state of Michigan is, while yelling at him “DO YOU SEE?!”

Ian Cuevas [1:01 PM]:

@Jmee15 There’s potential there, but I believe it’s too early to tell.

Ian Cuevas [12:59 PM]:

@Jmee15 Yes, it’s a very popular event and for good reason.

James Mee [12:59 PM]:

Also, still no letter from Malik. Problem for MSU?

James Mee [12:58 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas Fantastic. Excited about that. Another one of the many benefits of living in Columbus.

Luke Zimmermann [12:57 PM]:

@Jmee15 Think that’s a given. I’d expect a third straight (and for us to get familiar with a bunch of the 2016 kids then)

Ian Cuevas [12:56 PM]:

@Jmee15 Friday Night Lights is an annual event, so I don’t see them canceling that any time soon.

James Mee [12:56 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann He needs to get it together. I get that college kids drink underage, but stop getting caught.

James Mee [12:56 PM]:

Any word on whether they will be doing Friday Night Lights again?

Miles Joseph [12:54 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann A little undersized and had a terrible performance at the OSU one day camp I went to over the summer

Luke Zimmermann [12:53 PM]:

@Jmee15 Meyer spoke earlier on 97.1 The Fan and said that if Baugh got his stuff together, he’d be welcomed back. Sounds like that’s the plan

James Mee [12:52 PM]:

With David Njoku going elsewhere does that mean Baugh will keep his spot?

Luke Zimmermann [12:50 PM]:

@Miles Joseph Any particular reason why?

Miles Joseph [12:38 PM]:

No surprise there, but I’m not a huge fan of Poona to be completely honest

Charles Doss [12:36 PM]:

4-star DL Poona Ford just committed to Texas over Purdue and others

Charles Doss [12:33 PM]:

Miles Joseph [12:29 PM]:

Garrett Williams is another name. Said if he leaves the south it would only be for Ohio State or Michigan State, though I think he stay in the south in the end.

Charles Doss [12:19 PM]:

Conrad is another very solid tight end of the many in the 2015 class

Miles Joseph [12:13 PM]:

Clark and CJ Conrad (in state guy) are my top two

Miles Joseph [12:09 PM]:

I agree with Charles, tight end is a huge need. Think they’ll take two in the 2015 class.

Miles Joseph [12:09 PM]:


Miles Joseph [12:09 PM]:

I rank the Gibson, Nunez, Wimbush

Charles Doss [12:01 PM]:

I’m a big fan of all three guys, but might like Wimbush a little more. Too soon for me to make a guess on who commits, but I know all three like OSU, esp. Gibson and Wimbush

Ian Cuevas [12:00 PM]:

@BelievelandFan Out of those three, I probably like Nunez the best as a quarterback. I think most likely to sign with OSU would be Gibson or Nunez.

Charles Doss [11:57 AM]:

Might be tight end. Chris Clark is a name to remember. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the staff were to offer Jackson Harris out of Tennessee soon.

BelievelandFan [11:56 AM]:

Of the 3 big name guys we are linked to, Gibson Wimbush and Nunez, which do you like the best and also which are the most likely to join ’15 class

James Mee [11:55 AM]:

Biggest need for the class?

Charles Doss [11:52 AM]:

Yeah, I agree. It will be tough to get him out of Texas/Southwest

James Mee [11:50 AM]:

@Charles Doss I was too. I just thought of it. I’m not counting Texas Tom out but Charlie Strong is going to try to get him.

Charles Doss [11:48 AM]:

I was just joking. Soso is going to make his own decision and has tons of options.

James Mee [11:42 AM]:

@Charles Doss This might be close to a secondary violation.

Ian Cuevas [11:41 AM]:

@Jmee15 Oh, I would love to hear that, for sure! Like I said, he’s got a great name.

Charles Doss [11:40 AM]:

Big fan of both. Harris and Jamabo, are different type running backs but have similar traits. Both have decent speed, (Harris being a bit quicker) and aren’t afraid of contact. Not sure if OSU lands either but, Mickey Mitchell (OSU bball commit, brother of Mike) is really good friends and high school classmates with Soso. Hopefully Mitchell can put in a good word ha

James Mee [11:39 AM]:

@Ian Cuevas But still….. I want to hear the Shoe chanting SOSO, SOSO. Which also could backfire if they are at an opponent.

Ian Cuevas [11:37 AM]:

@Miles Joseph No doubt. More likely that Harris signs with OSU than Jamabo.

Miles Joseph [11:36 AM]:

Either would be awesome. Think chances with Harris are a lot better

Ian Cuevas [11:36 AM]:

@Jmee15 I’m a fan of Soso Jamabo (including his great name). I think he has a lot of talent, but I’m not sure he’ll end up with Ohio State.

James Mee [11:31 AM]:

Thoughts on Damien Harris or Soso Jamabo. I like them both, and also really like Jamabo’s name which is an added bonus.

Ian Cuevas [11:30 AM]:

@Jmee15 I didn’t really think Braxton was raw in the same sense as Gibson is. Gibson is a natural athlete, and I’m reminded a lot of Terrelle Pryor when I see Gibson. As long as he gets the fundamentals down, and continues focusing on becoming a better quarterback, I don’t see a problem with him.

James Mee [11:27 AM]:

@Ian Cuevas Tom Herman seems to have done well with Braxton, who was as raw if not more when he came out. Also he had one less year.

Ian Cuevas [11:24 AM]:

@Jmee15 exactly. I think he’ll be good, he just needs to work with the proper coaching staff.

James Mee [11:24 AM]:

@Ian Cuevas I had similar thoughts. Even on his highlight footage he missed some receivers. But you also can’t teach athleticism and size.

Miles Joseph [11:24 AM]:

Huge fan of Gibson. He’s a much better passing than he’s given credit for and could be an elite wide receiver if he doesn’t work out at QB

Ian Cuevas [11:23 AM]:

My favorite quarterback prospect from the class of 2015 is Kyler Murray. He already has the arm, the footwork, and the speed to be great at the college level. Sadly, Texas A&M is his most likely destination, and many are turned off by his height.

Ian Cuevas [11:22 AM]:

I’m actually not too high on Torrance Gibson. It’s not that he’s not a great athlete, because he is, I just think he’s very raw at the QB position. I think in the right hands he could become much more dangerous, which is why Ohio State is recruiting him.

Charles Doss [11:21 AM]:

Massive OL Damian Mama just picked USC over BYU and others.

James Mee [11:19 AM]:

Thoughts on QB? Torrance Gibson?

Miles Joseph [11:14 AM]:

Now that the 2014 class is signed, sealed, and delivered… Let’s talk 2015 recruiting

Ian Cuevas [11:11 AM]:

Mavety, a JUCO OL recruit, was a former Ohio State target who signed with the Seminoles today.

Ian Cuevas [11:11 AM]:

Charles Doss [11:06 AM]:

Ian Cuevas [11:06 AM]:

@BelievelandFan Going with what Miles said on this one.

Charles Doss [11:06 AM]:

Miles Joseph [11:06 AM]:

@BelievelandFan He’s pretty much a lock to Clemson, would be shocked if he chose OSU or anyone else

BelievelandFan [11:00 AM]:

@Miles Joseph Mitch Hyatt? Heard that is later tonight between us and Clemson? Is that true?

Miles Joseph [10:58 AM]:

Anyone have 2015 recruiting questions?

Ian Cuevas [10:56 AM]:

@Jmee15 Seems that way, doesn’t it?

Charles Doss [10:55 AM]:

lol most of them

James Mee [10:53 AM]:

@Charles Doss Weren’t most of the best players a one-time OSU target?

Charles Doss [10:51 AM]:

Mattrell McGraw commits to Oregon. McGraw the HS teammate of Terrance Alexander, also was a one time OSU target

Miles Joseph [10:42 AM]:

22 in, with one more likely in a week and a half from Slade

Charles Doss [10:40 AM]:

One time OSU target Terrance Alexander just committed to Stanford over Notre Dame on ESPNU. Another solid pick up for the Cardinal today, joining DE Solomon Thomas

Ian Cuevas [10:35 AM]:

Charles Doss [10:34 AM]:


James Mee [10:29 AM]:

Game set match. Slade is the only one left

James Mee [10:28 AM]:

Berger in

Ian Cuevas [10:28 AM]:

And boom goes the dynamite. Kyle Berger sends in his letter of intent to Ohio State.

Ian Cuevas [10:27 AM]:

Only Kyle Berger remains for the Buckeyes.

Ian Cuevas [10:27 AM]:

Jamarco Jones is the next to send in his letter of intent!

James Mee [10:27 AM]:

Also Twitter is saying that Malik’s mom is not happy with this. This thing might not be over.

James Mee [10:25 AM]:


Charles Doss [10:24 AM]:

Ian Cuevas [10:22 AM]:

@Jmee15 Not quite sure. I think it’s partly that, partly it just being a tradition.

James Mee [10:19 AM]:

@Ian Cuevas Can high schools not afford scanners?

Ian Cuevas [10:18 AM]:

@Jmee15 Pretty much.

James Mee [10:17 AM]:

Also I’m getting sick of losing to MSU. Sorry everyone just ranting now.

James Mee [10:17 AM]:

@Ian Cuevas Because its outdated technology?

Charles Doss [10:17 AM]:

St.Ignatius was on a 2hour delay, which is probably adding to some of Berger’s problems

Charles Doss [10:15 AM]:

I was surprised Slade committed to MSU soon after receiving an offer from Ohio State. McDowell is a straight force on the line and I really wanted him in this class, but I’m intrigued by Slade and his athletic ability. I know Larry Johnson really likes him and they have a very solid relationship. Would be another nice pick up for the Bucks

Ian Cuevas [10:15 AM]:

@Jmee15 That would be my guess, yes. Not uncommon, especially on National Signing Day.

Miles Joseph [10:13 AM]:

Lost in all of that was Roderick Johnson officially committing to Florida State

James Mee [10:13 AM]:

@Ian Cuevas With the fax machine?

Ian Cuevas [10:12 AM]:

James Mee [10:12 AM]:

Berger says there are technical difficulties.

James Mee [10:11 AM]:

Urban. Two words: GET SLADE.

Miles Joseph [10:08 AM]:

Darius Slade is no McDowell, but he’s a very solid prospect and will likely be a Buckeye.

Ian Cuevas [10:04 AM]:

Now Ohio State is just waiting on Jamarco Jones and Kyle Berger to send in their letters of intent.

Luke Zimmermann [10:03 AM]:


Malik McDowell picks MSU over OSU, FSU

Five star defensive end Malik McDowell commits to Michigan State, over the Buckeyes and Seminoles of Florida State.

Ian Cuevas [10:01 AM]:

@OSUmets Provided he can get out of the snow long enough to sign his letter of intent!

James Mee [10:00 AM]:

11/8. Go get it, Urban.

OSUmets [10:00 AM]:

Good thing we kept Jamarco Jones to block him for the next 4 years

Ian Cuevas [9:59 AM]:

@Jmee15 Understandable. Glad he made his own decision, and yes, this is still a great class. No doubt about that.

James Mee [9:58 AM]:

I mean good for him, but I wanted him to be a Buckeye. Still a great class

James Mee [9:56 AM]:


Ian Cuevas [9:56 AM]:

McDowell signs with Michigan State.

Charles Doss [9:49 AM]:

Ian Cuevas [9:39 AM]:

Dante Booker Jr. the next Buckeye to sign his letter of intent!

James Mee [9:38 AM]:

Also Come on Mama and Papa McDowell. Swing him our way!

James Mee [9:38 AM]:

Booker is in

James Mee [9:37 AM]:

Well it only took me 15 minutes to clean off my car and 30 minutes to get to school. THANKS OSU! Glad this isn’t that bad

Ian Cuevas [9:37 AM]:

Urban Meyer on ESPNU right now.

Miles Joseph [9:36 AM]:

Let’s get this started! haha

Ian Cuevas [9:36 AM]:

@Jmee15 Fingers are crossed!

James Mee [9:35 AM]:

Malik! Malik! Malik! Malik!

Charles Doss [9:32 AM]:

I agree 100% Campbell has some serious wheels. Can’t wait to see how the staff gets him the ball

Miles Joseph [9:30 AM]:

Parris is an electric player and still has a lot of room for improvement. Going to be fun to watch him in the Scarlet and Gray

Ian Cuevas [9:28 AM]:

While we all wait for McDowell, Parris Campbell has sent in his letter of intent.

Luke Zimmermann [9:28 AM]:


Watch this: Malik McDowell’s commitment live

Watch the 5-star defensive end choose between Ohio State and three others.

OSUmets [9:18 AM]:

@Miles Joseph Thanks!

Luke Zimmermann [9:17 AM]:

care to share with the class?

Miles Joseph [9:16 AM]:

Well I spoke too soon. There is a live feed

OSUmets [9:16 AM]:

@Miles Joseph Damn. Thank goodness for snow days from work on Signing Day and LGHL!

Miles Joseph [9:15 AM]:

@OSUmets Nope. There isn’t a stream either unfortunately

Ian Cuevas [9:15 AM]:

@OSUmets I don’t believe his announcement will be televised, but we’ll keep you updated on his decision.

Charles Doss [9:14 AM]:

OSUmets [9:14 AM]:

McDowell’s announcement will be on ESPNU right? I didn’t see him listed on ESPNU’s upcoming schedule that they showed a few minuets ago

Luke Zimmermann [9:12 AM]:

Or drama, I should say.

Miles Joseph [9:11 AM]:

Don’t think anyone has good info on McDowell haha

Luke Zimmermann [9:11 AM]:

@Charles Doss Since hearing his mom speak yesterday, I’ve been kind of leaning that way. Could make for great TV.

Ian Cuevas [9:11 AM]:

Jimbo Fisher on ESPNU right now, discussing this class. Calls it one of his most athletic, ever. Good competition for Ohio State’s Urban Meyer.

Miles Joseph [9:11 AM]:

Really like Hooker, very underrated.

Charles Doss [9:11 AM]:

Luke Zimmermann [9:05 AM]:


Malik Hooker signs with Ohio State

As National Signing Day continues, Malik Hooker is the latest to send in his national letter of intent to Ohio State.

Ian Cuevas [9:04 AM]:

Malik Hooker is the 11th commitment to send in his letter of intent.

Miles Joseph [9:00 AM]:

About an hour away from McDowell announcing

Ian Cuevas [9:00 AM]:

Damon Webb is No. 10 for Ohio State

Luke Zimmermann [8:57 AM]:


Jalyn Holmes signs letter of intent with OSU

Four star defensive end Jalyn Holmes makes it official by signing his letter of intent to join the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Luke Zimmermann [8:57 AM]:

Holmes is in

Ian Cuevas [8:56 AM]:

Dylan Thompson is the eighth commitment to send in his letter of intent, by the way.

Luke Zimmermann [8:51 AM]:


Dylan Thompson signs with Ohio State

Defensive end Dylan Thompson is the latest to fax in his National Letter of Intent to the Ohio State coaching staff.

Matt Brown [8:50 AM]:

Not a single damn given,

Luke Zimmermann [8:50 AM]:

James Mee [8:49 AM]:

@Charles Doss Me too

Charles Doss [8:48 AM]:

I still think OSU for McDowell

Ian Cuevas [8:48 AM]:

I’m sticking with Ohio State for McDowell.

Luke Zimmermann [8:47 AM]:

Man, so tough to get a read.

Luke Zimmermann [8:46 AM]:


Demetrius Knox is officially a Buckeye

2014 Fort Worth (TX) All Saints Episcopal offensive guard Demetrius Knox is officially a member of the Ohio State football team after signing his national letter of intent.

Miles Joseph [8:46 AM]:

What’s everyone thinking on McDowell

Miles Joseph [8:45 AM]:

Knox is in….. That wild recruitment is officially over

Luke Zimmermann [8:37 AM]:

@Jmee15 Maybe two? Haha #SladeWatch

James Mee [8:32 AM]:

6 down, 9 to sign, 1 to commit

Ian Cuevas [8:31 AM]:

@Miles Joseph Took the over on five cups of coffee. No surprise there.

Miles Joseph [8:30 AM]:

I love Les Miles

Luke Zimmermann [8:27 AM]:


Erick Smiths signs his NLOI

Erick Smith is officially an Ohio State Buckeye.

Ian Cuevas [8:27 AM]:

Erick Smith the sixth Buckeye to send in his national letter of intent.

Charles Doss [8:26 AM]:

Ian Cuevas [8:21 AM]:

@Jmee15 Ha, could be!

James Mee [8:19 AM]:

Do you think that Marshon said that he get to sign first since Erick ruined his announcement for him?

Miles Joseph [8:19 AM]:

Spielman family is awesome

Ian Cuevas [8:15 AM]:

Agreed, classy family.

Luke Zimmermann [8:14 AM]:

Very cool to see this:

James Mee [8:14 AM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Ok Malik, I know a Buckeye tree will be hard to pull out, but the stakes are there. Also easier than a Wolverine, Spartan or Seminole

Luke Zimmermann [8:13 AM]:


Luke Zimmermann [8:13 AM]:

This jsut happened:

Ian Cuevas [8:13 AM]:

No surprise there.

James Mee [8:12 AM]:

Solomon Thomas is very well spoken. Also he used a tree to announce his decision. #Win

Miles Joseph [8:12 AM]:

Thomas to Stanford

Dan Vest [8:11 AM]:

Taylor’s in and he’s already talking about getting rid of that black stripe.

James Mee [8:10 AM]:

And technical difficulty messes up Thomas

Christopher Jason [8:09 AM]:

good morning y’all

James Mee [8:08 AM]:

Brady Taylor

Miles Joseph [8:08 AM]:

Miles Joseph [8:08 AM]:

Follow this dude for McDowell news folks

Dan Vest [8:06 AM]:

@Pariahwulfen I’m thinking that’s why they brought in Ash. So much young secondary talent. Time to get it ready for primetime.

Luke Zimmermann [8:06 AM]:


Lattimore signs his NLOI

Cleveland Glenville athlete Marshon Lattimore is officially a member of the Buckeye football team.

Miles Joseph [8:05 AM]:

If I had to guess on Thomas, I’d still say Stanford, but Arkansas is right there IMO

Pariahwulfen [8:05 AM]:

@Dan Vest hopefully we can make something of them….

Dan Vest [8:04 AM]:

Continuing the storied 2-year history of great DBs that chose OSU over Alabama

Ian Cuevas [8:04 AM]:

@Jmee15 Yes sir, Marshon Lattimore makes No. 4 for the Buckeyes today.

James Mee [8:02 AM]:

Looks like Marshon signed

James Mee [8:01 AM]:

Interested to see what happens with Solomon Thomas

Ian Cuevas [7:59 AM]:

@Luke Zimmermann YES.

Luke Zimmermann [7:58 AM]:

NSD ’14 7:58 a.m.
Urban Meyer 3
These Haters 0

Luke Zimmermann [7:57 AM]:

@Ian Cuevas First didn’t come in until 7:28 last year. Sam Hubbard flashed his wheels getting his in so early.

Pariahwulfen [7:55 AM]:

@Jmee15 Agreed, I was kind of shocked to see commits had already signed before I got some sleep today

Ian Cuevas [7:54 AM]:

@Jmee15 Of course! No worries here. Just what I was guessing.

James Mee [7:54 AM]:

@Ian Cuevas It’s not even 8 here so I think we’re alright.

Miles Joseph [7:53 AM]:

@Luke Zimmermann I’ll go with Hooker

Ian Cuevas [7:53 AM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Honestly, I thought Ohio State would have more than three by this point.

Dan Vest [7:53 AM]:

So Nnadi to FSU? Can’t blame him. Looking out my window today I almost wish I would’ve gone to a Florida school.

Pariahwulfen [7:53 AM]:


Charles Doss [7:53 AM]:

I’ll go with Kyle Berger

Luke Zimmermann [7:52 AM]:

@Jmee15 They had a ton of attrition. It looks sketchier than it is.

James Mee [7:52 AM]:

Question: How does Tennessee have so many commits? Are they going to be able to do anything with all of those?

Luke Zimmermann [7:52 AM]:

Any predictions on who’s next? Saw Demetrious Knox was up tweeting earlier.

Miles Joseph [7:50 AM]:

@Bud Elliott It’s a fun experience….. Every once in a while

Miles Joseph [7:50 AM]:

@Jmee15 haha had to get that signing day breakfeast in

Ian Cuevas [7:49 AM]:

@Bud Elliott Lucky man

Luke Zimmermann [7:49 AM]:

@Bud Elliott Home Alone 2: Bud Elliott lost in New York

James Mee [7:49 AM]:

@Miles Joseph Is McDonalds at 4 ever not ugly?

Bud Elliott [7:49 AM]:

I got snowed on today. Had never been in that in a city setting, only skiing

Miles Joseph [7:48 AM]:

I went to McDonalds @ 4. Ugly.

James Mee [7:48 AM]:

@Luke Zimmermann 7 inches of snow and freezing rain is insufficient to close school. But they did tell us to drive safe… Well I was planning on street racing to school but I guess not now.

Luke Zimmermann [7:46 AM]:

@Jmee15 Yeah, what’s up with that? Our Zach Fleer was covering some Central Ohio hoops last night and said it was the worst conditions he’s even driven on.

James Mee [7:46 AM]:

Good morning gentlemen. And what a good morning it is. Except that OSU apparently believes that Franklin County is wrong and school must happen today

Luke Zimmermann [7:43 AM]:


Noah Brown signs letter of intent with Ohio State

Athlete Noah Brown is the latest to fax in his National Letter of Intent to the Ohio State coaching staff.

Ian Cuevas [7:41 AM]:

@Luke Zimmermann “We’ve only just begun…”

Luke Zimmermann [7:40 AM]:

Might get worse before it gets better if McDowell goes to Big Ten East division rivals Ohio State or Michigan.

Miles Joseph [7:39 AM]:

It’s not often we’re able to pull celebs into our chat haha

Miles Joseph [7:39 AM]:

Luke Zimmermann [7:37 AM]:

Special guest celebrity, SB Nation Recruiting Bud Elliott in the house, y’all.

Bud Elliott [7:36 AM]:

Great coverage team here.

Charles Doss [7:34 AM]:

Not even 8:00 and the party has started. Should be a fun and exciting day for all college football fans

Miles Joseph [7:33 AM]:

There are always surprises in store for signing day

Luke Zimmermann [7:32 AM]:


MSU commit Slade won’t sign, will visit Ohio State

Spartans defensive end commit Darius Slade plans on taking an official visit to Ohio State before signing a letter of intent.

Luke Zimmermann [7:32 AM]:

Wild start so far here on National Signing Day 2014.

Miles Joseph [7:31 AM]:

Hey everyone. Looking forward to talking some recruiting with you all today