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National Signing Day 2014: Ohio State live video updates, analysis

Join Dan Rubenstein, Bud Elliott and LGHL's very own Luke Zimmermann as they discuss various topics surrounding National Signing Day, including Ohio State's class of 2014.

Land-Grant Holy Land's Luke Zimmermann (UPDATE: Bud and Dan talk about Ohio State and Luke joins them afterwards beginning around the 43:00 mark) is joining SB Nation recruiting experts Dan Rubenstein and Bud Elliott to discuss different topics surrounding National Signing Day 2014. Luke joins the duo to specifically talk about how Ohio State fared throughout the day and how the Dream 14 will impact the football team in the upcoming season.

With the Buckeyes signing 22 new members onto their team, there's plenty of potential for stars to be made in this recruiting class. You'll most likely get to hear different subjects as well, including some of the bigger headlines that occurred throughout the day and where some of the top members of the 2014 recruiting class landed. There's always plenty of drama to be discussed when it comes to National Signing Day and you can bet that they'll cover it.

So sit back, enjoy, and if you'd like, comment below on how you think Ohio State's class turned out on National Signing Day.