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Ohio State recruiting: The latest on Malik McDowell

Malik McDowell committed to Michigan State last Wednesday, but has yet to fax his letter of intent to East Lansing, fueling speculation he may end up playing elsewhere.

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When Southfield (MI) defensive end Malik McDowell stood up in his high school gymnasium and announced to the world he would be committing to Michigan State on National Signing Day, it appeared his wild recruitment had finally come to an end and he would be a Spartan.

Apparently that might not be the case, as he still hasn't faxed his letter of intent to the Michigan State football offices in East Lansing. His parents still have not signed off, as they don't want their son going to college there.

In an interview with the Detroit News, Greg McDowell said he is willing to acquiesce at least right now, but the letter of intent requires the signature of his mother, Joya Crowe. She remains adamantly opposed to her son attending college in East Lansing:

"I'm not legally able to do it because I'm not the custodial parent," Greg told The Detroit News, noting that Malik is only 17. "She has to sign it and I have to sign it, too. I don't know when it will happen. Malik has to handle that with his Mom. I'm willing to do whatever my son wants. It's been a long process and an uneasy process.

"That's something he'll have to deal with, because at the end of the day it's all about him and he has to work it out."

Even though his father's indicated he would sign the letter of intent, he said he still didn't want his son to choose the Spartans. He gave off the vibe that he thought Ohio State is the best place for Malik to play his college ball, while it's well known Malik's mother wants him basically anywhere but MSU:

"I wanted him to go to either Florida State or Ohio State. With Florida State distance was a factor, but Malik really didn't want to go there. So that was that. He was really big on MSU. The social aspect is what I'm concerned with. I want him to be a leader, not a follower. I liked everything about Ohio State. Plus I wanted to see him get away.

"It's what he wants, and I'll support that. I just want to see him walk down that aisle and get his degree."

Fortunately it appears there's an end in sight for the McDowell saga. His father told Tom Markowski and Matt Charboneau of the Detroit News that the family hopes to reach a resolution by Monday:

"We're not looking that far ahead," Greg McDowell said. "We have a 14-day process to get it done. Hopefully by Monday it'll happen. Maybe by the weekend. She wants to get more out of Malik on why he likes Michigan State."

Finally, Rivals recruiting analyst Mike Farrell gave his opinion on the McDowell situation to the Detroit News yesterday and doesn't see the mom changing her mind on the Spartans.

"The mom is the issue," Farrell said. "She hates Michigan State. The father wants Ohio State. The mother wants Ohio State or Florida State. Malik wants Michigan State. He's upset how public his mom has made it -- on radio, social media and elsewhere.

"They've got to get it resolved. They've had months to talk about this. But I don't see her as the giving-in type of person."

Based on precedent, it seems like the Spartans have the best chance of receiving McDowell's signature, but Ohio State might ultimately be the perfect compromise school if the family isn't able to come to terms on Michigan State over the next few days. This is definitely a situation to watch. Hopefully we'll have a final answer early next week.

Stay locked to Land-Grant Holy Land for the latest on McDowell's wild ride of a recruitment.