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Ohio State sports: Come join our Reddit AMA

Our editing duo, Luke and Matt, are doing an AMA on Reddit right now. Go join in the fun!

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Reddit is just the best you guys. You want cat pictures? You got cat pictures. You want crazy facts? You got crazy facts. And if you want the chance to ask experts in their field all sorts of questions, you can do that too, under the famed Ask Me Anything, or AMA, series.

Right now, our fearless leaders, Luke Zimmerman and Matt Brown, are conducting their own AMA over at Reddit's /OSU subreddit, a community for the discussion on all things Ohio State, where folks can discuss anything from Buckeye sports, to the best dorms, professors and pizza places, and why students are suddenly getting things like the Mumps.

Starting at 10 AM EST, Reddit users can ask our leaders anything...from questions on Ohio State sports, to campus life, to digital publishing, to #hot #takes on anything about life.

You can check out the AMA here, which you should absolutely share with any of your friends who use Reddit, or like Ohio State. If you have questions you'd like Luke or Matt to answer, please feel free to hop in and ask away!