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Big Ten Tournament 2014 score update: Nebraska leads Ohio State, 31-28

The Buckeyes looked far more comfortable than in their first game against Purdue but still trail.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Despite leading at one juncture by 8 and looking firmly in control, Nebraska finally found their footing and began to more resemble the team that stunned Wisconsin in the regular season finale than the a bit overwhelmed by their environment first time bye recipient that was present for the first juncture of the first half.

LaQuinton Ross was his usually steady hand for the Buckeyes finishing near double digits in scoring while leading the team in rebounding as well. Amir Williams was more commanding than usual and despite his typical quick trigger foul, was also fairly solid on the glass. Terran Petteway paced Nebraska as one would expect.

Though Nebraska rallied back to make this one far more interesting, this neutral court affair tended to tilt more towards the Buckeyes' talent advantage during most of the first half until the very end. If Ohio State can stay fairly consistent offensively and continue to play their trademark defense, they'll be well positioned to move on to face arch rival Michigan Saturday afternoon.