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Ohio State recruiting: Chris Green recaps OSU visit

Toledo (OH) Central Catholic linebacker Chris Green recaps his visit to Ohio State.

While there weren't quite as many recruits on campus yesterday as there were last weekend, there were still a couple of highly touted ones on Ohio State's Central Ohio campus taking in what the Buckeye football program had to offer.

One of the bigger names on campus was Toledo (OH) Central Catholic linebacker Chris Green, who is one of Ohio's best players in the 2015 class as a whole.

Green had a great time on campus yesterday and plans on coming back for another visit this June in order to earn a scholarship offer from the Scarlet and Gray.

"They had someone walk me around. They were having a scrimmage – first team offense v.s. first team – and I watched that for about an hour," Green said. "Then when it was over, they took me to the uniform room, where I saw all of the uniforms and equipment and took pictures with some jerseys on which was really cool. (After that) I went to the weight room and talked to the strength and conditioning coach and we talked about how they run the program."

"I got to talk to Coach Fickell during their lunch period; that was a good experience. I talked to him about football and everything that was going on with recruiting and football stuff. He took me into the office with two other guys – a sophomore and a freshmen – and he was telling us about recruiting," Green told Land-Grant Holy Land. "I got to meet the head coach, Urban Meyer. It was my first time really talking to Coach (Meyer). He was just telling me that they were happy I was there and they really like the way I played. Everything was a good experience. Not everybody gets to meet a coach like Urban Meyer and it was nice having a guy like him telling you that you're good. He told me they want me back in Columbus in June sometime for a camp, so they can see me play in person."

He hadn't had very much contact with the coaching staff up until today, but it's a pretty safe bet that things will pick up in the next couple of months.

"I've only talked to him one other time, which was a couple of months ago when he came to visit my school,'" Green stated. "He gave me his card and talked to me about coming up for a visit, which didn't happen until now, but I'm glad it happened."

An offer from the Buckeyes would definitely make a big impact in his recruitment.

"An offer from Ohio State. That's number one. It would be my biggest offer yet,"  Green continued. "I grew up an Ohio State fan, but now that I've gotten older and have gotten all of these offers, I've started rooting for some other schools, too. If I did get on offer from Ohio State though, that would be one great offer."

Green is nowhere close to making his college decision as he would like to see which other schools decide to offer him scholarships.

"Yeah, definitely. I'm going to wait in case I get more offers. Then I also have another year (on the field)," Green said. "I want to find a place where I'm comfortable for four years and where I get good treatment and have good relationships with coaches and players."

The standout linebacker has played with two very talented players in high school in the form of Jayme Thompson (Ohio State) and DeShone Kizer (Notre Dame). This year, it's his job to take over as the leader of the Toledo Central Catholic Fighting Irish.

"Well I'm going to try to get my football team back to where we were my sophomore year when we played big and won a state championship," he told Land-Grant Holy Land. "My sophomore year I was a leader and I was my junior year, too, (even though) I wasn't as big of a leader as DeShone and Jayme. I feel now everybody looks up to me to make plays and get our team into it and I feel like I can definitely do that."

Land-Grant Holy Land will be following Green's recruitment closely and will keep you up to date on his interest in the Buckeyes.