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Legends and Leaders: Columbus City League fantasy draft, Rounds 2-9

What would a fantasy draft do to shake up the Columbus City League? With a mix of some of the greatest hoopers in City League history, recent legends and five rounds of current players, let's take a look at the second wave of draft results of an intriguing setup.

Jamie Sabau

As promised, we present Rounds 2-9 in the Columbus City League fantasy draft. The rounds go as follows: Rounds 2-6 are current player rounds, Round 7 is Recent Standouts (graduates from 2010-13), Round 8 is is All-Time Legends Part II, and Round 9 is 2000s Legends. Please note that the players selected for these teams were done so in an actual fantasy draft that took place on Saturday night. Teams with asterisks next to the pick are selections made by Brandon Little, while teams without an asterisk are selections made by myself. Let's see how the rest of the draft played out.



*18. Brookhaven: Charles Holland (West ‘14)

The City League's leading scorer the past two seasons. Dominant 6'2 guard. Dual-sport star. Signed to D2 Tiffin to play both football and basketball. Scored 37 touchdowns on the grindiron and averaged 26 points per game on the hardwood as a senior.

19. Northland: Ronnie Williams (Brookhaven ‘14)

Central District Div. II Player of the Year. Led Brookhaven to its first City League title in eight years averaging just over 17 points per game.

*20. Walnut Ridge: Xavier Holston-Sims (Eastmoor ‘15)

Promising junior guard with every tool in the tool box to be a successful lead guard at the college level. Trains withAnthony Rhodman, Trey Burke's trainer.

21. Eastmoor Academy: Seth Towns (Northland ‘16)

Northland's star sophomore wing. Efficient scorer with a silky-smooth jump shot. Receiving interest from several Big Ten programs.

*22. South: Doug Taylor (Northland ‘15)

Most improved player in the City League this year. Athletic freak at the center position. Long, 6'8 post.

23. Centennial: Jaylen Tucker (Northland ‘14)

High-energy 6'7 forward. Can attack the rim in a hurry. Receiving interest from several D2 and JUCO programs.

*24. Briggs: Shemar Waugh (Northland ‘14)

The best all-around point guard in the City League. Signed to D2 Ohio Dominican.

25. East: Malik Harrison (Walnut Ridge ‘16)

Athletic specimen at 6'5 in the post. Has shown signs of dominance this season. Went for 32 points and 17 rebounds in a win at West earlier in the season.

*26. Marion-Franklin: Nate Jameson (Eastmoor ‘14)

Transfer from Northland. High-enery 6'3 forward. Very strong around the rim.

27. Africentric: Jaquan Harrison (Africentric ‘15)

Athletic freak. 6'3 combo-guard that plays much taller than his listed height. Receiving interest from several MAC programs.

*28. Mifflin: Tarik Wright (Walnut Ridge ‘16)

High-scoring sophomore guard. Thick build at 6'2, can be dominant when he wants to.

29. International: Hasan Varence (Linden ‘15)

Lengthy 6'7 power forward with lots of promise. 4.0 student receiving interest for both academics and athletics from Yale and several other Ivy League schools.

*30. Beechcroft: Dymiere Finch (Walnut Ridge ‘14)

High-IQ point guard that can really score the ball when he looks for it. Flashy passer, efficient in transition.

31. West: J-Saun Davis (Brookhaven ‘15)

Productive forward in the paint. Rebounding workhorse. Incredibly strong. Had major performances in huge wins to take home the City League title.

*32. Linden: Khalil Wade (Eastmoor ‘15)

Promising junior forward that can be productive when his head is in it. Has shown signs of being a consistent threat from deep.

33. Independence: Derek McKeithen (Northland ‘14)

One of the city's top athletes. Has all the tools to be a Division-I player. Looks to take the JUCO route in college.

*34. Whetstone: James Manns (Marion-Franklin ‘16)

Shoo-in Division I prospect. Tough matchup at 6'6. Can score inside and out. Active on the offensive glass.


*35. Whetstone: Ulmer Manzie (Africentric ‘15)

High-energy 6'8 post. Only in his third year of organized basketball. High ceiling. Receiving serious Division I interest.

36. Independence: Robert Banks (Brookhaven ‘15)

In first season of high school play at Brookhaven. Intriguing small forward at 6'5. Can defend positions 2-5.

*37. Linden: Dametrius Walker (Marion-Franklin ‘14)

Flashy lead guard with great vision. Inconsistent shooter. Attacks the basket well. Underrated athleticism.

38. West: John Montgomery (Marion-Franklin ‘14)

Incredible athlete that can rise up on anyone at 5'10. Explosive. Aggressive defender.

*39. Beechcroft: Rodney Willis (Briggs ‘15)

Has the potential to be a first-team All City player. Can shoot from anywhere. Great athlete. Has to finish better at the rim.

40. International: Aaron Mullins (South ‘14)

Tough point guard that can really attack the basket. Plays with great swagger and bravado. Underrated in Columbus.

*41. Mifflin: Akil Cornish (Africentric ‘14)

Dead-eye shooter. Shot over 50 percent from behind-the-arc in the last two seasons.

42. Africentric: Houston Smith (Africentric ‘16)

Arguably the best athlete in the City since JD Weatherspoon. Incredible vertical. Raw in most aspects of his game. Needs to be more consistent.

*43. Marion-Franklin: Aaron Adair (Whetstone ‘14)

Underrated guard that can really score the ball in a variety of ways. Whetstone's only beacon of hope this past season.

44. East: PJ Wilkes (Mifflin ‘15)

Rising junior guard. Tough. Can score from anywhere. Underrated.

*45. Briggs: Markel Wyche (West ‘14)

Can be an efficient scorer when he puts his mind to it. Sharp-shooting lefty.

46. Centennial: Joseph Thomas (Centennial ‘15)

Workhorse. Averaged 20 points and 14 rebounds as a 6'4 power forward. Earned first-team All City honors.

*47. South: Azende Johnson (Walnut Ridge ‘16)

Dead-eye sophomore shooter. Undersized guard. Needs to add strength.

48. Eastmoor Academy: Jacob Craft (East ‘14)

Active 6'4 slender forward. Has shown signs of being a productive forward. Good athleticism.

*49. Walnut Ridge: Ty Hairston (Northland ‘14)

Talented scorer with off-the-court troubles. Needs to regain focus. Division I caliber talent.

50. Northland: Josh Chellers (Beechcroft ‘15)

One of the City's best athletes. Great vertical. Active around the basket.

*51. Brookhaven: Jalon Lewis (Eastmoor ‘15)

Tough all-around guard. Great intangibles. Known for late-game heroics.


*52. Brookhaven: Travon Hester (Briggs ‘14)

Tough post player with great footwork. Undersized for the power forward position at 6'3.

53. Northland: Stanley Jackson (Mifflin ‘15)

First-team All-City performer. Talented combo-forward. Good athlete.

*54. Walnut Ridge: Maliek Gore (Briggs ‘15)

Thick 6'3 combo-forward with potential. Can take over a game when he wants to.

55. Eastmoor Academy: Shadrick Kimble (Brookhaven ‘15)

Smoothest shooting stroke in Columbus. When he is on, Brookhaven is tough to beat.

*56. South: Robert Bowers (Walnut Ridge ‘14)

Michigan State football commit. Big post at 6'6. Great rebounder.

57. Centennial: John Pope (Independence ‘14)

Tough 6'1 guard. Can take over games offensively when he wants to.

*58. Briggs: Dante Brown (Briggs ‘14)

Scrappy 5'10 guard. Known for quick hands defensively. Gets in passing lanes in a blink of an eye. Good rhythm coming into his pull-up jump shot off the dribble.

59. East: Dalton Laster (East ‘15)

First-team All-City scorer. Assassin from the perimeter. Good size for the shooting guard position.

*60. Marion-Franklin: Kovien Dominaus (Independence ‘15)

Lengthy junior forward. Can stretch the floor. Needs to put on muscle. Smooth shooting stroke.

61. Africentric: Shamonty Manning (Eastmoor ‘14)

Solid interior scorer. Active rebounder. Good basketball IQ.

*62. Mifflin: Trenton Miller (West ‘14)

Above-average athlete that can be really effective when he stays out of foul trouble. Great aggression.

63. International: Lamar Barnes (Marion-Franklin ‘14)

Great athlete. Not much of a skill set. Can also be effective when he stays out of foul trouble.

*64. Beechcroft: Dexter Kowalski (Whetstone ‘16)

Promising sophomore big man. Underrated athleticism. Runs the floor well for 6'6.

65. West: Curt Armstrong (Brookhaven ‘15)

Great IQ point guard. Active defender that makes all the right decision. Has a good head on his shoulders.

*66. Linden: Antonio Givens (West ‘16)

Promising sophomore big man. 6'7 with a thick build. Active rebounder. Needs to stay out of foul trouble.

67. Independence: Octavius Luke (Centennial ‘14)

Great scorer that erupted for 39 points in his first game this season. Surprising that he fell this far in the draft. Efficient 5'10 lead guard. An absolute steal at No. 67.

*68. Whetstone: Danny Corbett (Briggs ‘17)

The City's most promising freshman. Good basketball IQ. Plays with great maturity. Doesn't turn the ball over. Needs to develop into more of a scorer next season as key contributors will graduate.


*69. Whetstone: Maciyah Fleming (Brookhaven ‘16)

Pretty good athlete that can make things happen. Needs to get smarter with the ball. Rebounds well for his size at 6'4.

70. Independence: Marcellus Taylor (Walnut Ridge ‘14)

Raw 6'6 big man. Wiry frame. Has gotten better over the course of the year.

*71. Linden: Daveon Miskel (Walnut Ridge ‘15)

Bruiser in the middle. Plays much taller than his listed 6'2 height. Thick build. Decent shooting stroke.

72. West: Jhustus Cornley (Northland ‘14)

Play-maker. Makes things happen on defense. Late-game efficiency is his calling card. Signed to play defensive back at Indiana State.

*73. Beechcroft: Brandon Paschal (Walnut Ridge ‘14)

Active defender. One of the City's toughest guards. First-team All-State as a defensive back. Committed to Notre Dame College to play football.

74. International: Chris Byrd (South ‘14)

Can be a great scorer but lacks consistency. Deep shooting range. Tough guard.

*75. Mifflin: Lavoris Brown (Eastmoor ‘15)

Workhorse as a 6'3 forward. Strong rebounder. Needs to develop into a better shooter.

76. Africentric: Gyai Gymerah (Centennial ‘14)

High-scoring senior guard. Especially efficient late in games. Second-team All-City performer this season.

*77. Marion-Franklin: JonTae Hudston (Mifflin ‘15)

Lengthy junior forward. Great confidence. Still raw.

78. East: James Curry (East ‘14)

City's leading assist man. Good ball-handler. Underrated point guard.

*79. Briggs: Shakir Sims (Marion-Franklin ‘14)

Thick 6'5 center. Active rebounder. Not much of a skill set offensively. Aggressive.

80. Centennial: Jordan Radcliffe (International ‘14)

Top scorer in International program history. Solid scoring guard at 6'1. Second-team All-City.

*81. South: DeAnthony Griffin (Linden-McKinley ‘16)

Great athlete. Promising sophomore guard. Undersized at 5'11 but makes up for it with an impressive vertical.

82. Eastmoor Academy: Dennard Ford (South ‘14)

Workhorse at 6'3. Toughest player on South's roster. Rebounds well. Can take contact offensively.

*83. Walnut Ridge: Seth McCoy (Northland ‘15)

Talented junior waiting for his shot. Can really shoot it from the perimeter. Great work ethic.

84. Northland: DeShawn Nelms (Marion-Franklin ‘15)

Tough junior guard. Can attack the basket. Good ball-handler. Really tough.

*85. Brookhaven: Kalib Younger (Walnut Ridge ‘16)

Promising sophomore guard. Good height for the point guard position at 6'1. JV superstar. Will get his shot next season.


*86. Brookhaven: Raequan Moody (Brookhaven ‘15)

Promising junior guard. Needs to add confidence. Has shown signs of being a productive player.

87. Northland: Jahmal Hughes (Eastmoor ‘14)

First-team All-City performer. Don't know how he managed to drop this far. Can really shoot it late in games. Great confidence and leadership ability. Absolute steal at No. 87. Three-sport athlete.

*88. Walnut Ridge: Kyle Oglesby (Eastmoor ‘15)

Great shooter. Needs to be more consistent.

89. Eastmoor Academy: Deon Lindsay (South ‘14)

The 5'11 James Harden (has a great beard). Thickly-built guard. Can finish with contact. Assassin off the bench.

*90. South: Jeff Floyd (Linden-McKinley ‘16)

Promising sophomore guard. Good athlete. Part three of a foundation for Linden that has potential.

91. Centennial: Ray Brooks (Linden-McKinley ‘14)

Tough senior guard. Rebounds well for the point guard position. Attacks the basket well.

*92. Briggs: Rome Godsey (Briggs ‘15)

Athletic 6' guard. Can score at will when he wants. Can rise up on anyone. Will be a starter next season.

93. East: Kenny Sloan (Northland ‘14)

Victim of a deep backcourt at Northland. Transfer from Mifflin. Has taken advantage of limited minutes. Has the right attitude.

*94. Marion-Franklin: Jon Mason (Briggs ‘14)

Decent reserve big. Was taken this high due to team needs. Nice size at 6'5. Not much of a scorer. Plays with a lot of heart.

95. Africentric: LJ Buttrum (Brookhaven ‘15)

Really strong guard. Defends well on the perimeter. Strong hands.

*96. Mifflin: Jaylyn Watkins (Walnut Ridge ‘15)

Promising junior battling to get on the court. When he gets it right in the classroom, Watkins will be one of the City's breakout performers.

97. International: Jordan Kinchen (Northland ‘16)

Under the tutelage of Shemar Waugh. Will receive his shot in the next two years. Needs to be more confident.

*98. Beechcroft: Rakim Fells (West ‘16)

Decent sophomore guard. Has shown signs of being a dependable shooter. Will be looked to score in the next two seasons as West graduates virtually all of its scoring.

99. West: DeQuan Daniels (Eastmoor ‘15)

Long 6'7 forward that has received limited minutes. Regarded as one of the better centers in the state for his class.

*100. Linden: Malik Breckenridge (Independence ‘14)

Tough point guard that plays with great confidence. Can score. Needs to be around talented teammates to really thrive.

101. Independence: Chase Brown (Africentric ‘15)

All potential. Has the ability. Needs the right people in his corner. Can really score when he is focused.

*102. Whetstone: Shawon Wilson (Africentric ‘15)

Big guard at 6'2. Great defender. Has to be more consistent on offense. Gets great arch on his jump shot. Good vision, crisp touch on his passes.

ROUND 7 (Recent Legends - Classes of 2010-2013)

*103. Whetstone: Jerry Dixon (East ‘10)

Breakout performer in the City League North in 2009-10. Transferred from South as a junior. Dixon and fellow East guard Jordan Laster combined for form one of the city's best scoring duos in recent years. Averaged 24.6 points and eight rebounds per game as a senior. Dixon is currently a senior at Rogers State, after spending his first two years at Howard College in Texas, and one season at Sioux Falls.

104. Independence: JD Weatherspoon (Northland ‘10)

The best dunker the City League might have ever seen. Explosive 6'6 forward that was a key part in Northland's 2009 state championship team. Signed to play at Ohio State with Sullinger. After two seasons in Columbus without really receiving any playing time, Weatherspoon transferred to Toledo. As a fourth-year junior, Weatherspoon is averaging 11.3 points and 6.8 rebounds in just over 28 minutes of play.

*105. Linden: Jalen Robinson (Northland ‘12)

Lengthy 6'10 post that was a key member of Northland's 2009-10 team that catapulted to the No. 1 ranking in the nation. With fellow power forward Devon Scott, the tandem helped with Trey Burke advanced to the state championship game in 2010-11. Robinson and Scott would then sign to Dayton, where they both currently play. Currently averaging 4.5 points and 2.8 rebounds in 12 minutes of play per night.

106. West: Jordan Laster (East ‘10)

Talented 6'3 guard that starred at East before heading on to Shawnee State University. With Dixon, the duo of guards brought excitement back to East basketball. High-scoring guard that could get buckets in a variety of ways. Laster's younger brother, Dalton, has taken over reigns at East, averaging 16.6 points per game this past season.

*107. Beechcroft: Armani Towns (Northland ‘13)

The heart and soul of a Northland team that raced out to 28-0 last season. Excellent on-ball defender and ferocious on the offensive side of the ball. Was Northland's lone senior a year ago. Currently playing JUCO ball in Dayton. Plans to move back to Atlanta after this season.

108. International: Jeremy Qualls (Walnut Ridge ‘10)

Electrifying point guard from Walnut Ridge that might be the City League's quickest in the last 10 years. With great ball-handling and an efficient mid-range game, Qualls went on to Edison Community College after a successful four-year career at Walnut Ridge.

*109. Mifflin: Rob Wheelwright (Walnut Ridge ‘13)

Great all-around athlete that was the leader of a young Walnut Ridge team last season. Efficient slasher and active on-ball defender. Currently plays wide receiver at the University of Wisconsin.

110. Africentric: Devon Scott (Northland ‘12)

One of two towers at Northland. Scott and Robinson were terrors for opponents. Went on to Dayton with Robinson, where the 6'9 power forward is currently averaging 3.9 points in 14.4 minutes of action per game.

*111. Marion-Franklin: Elijah Macon (Marion-Franklin ‘12)

Regarded as one of the top players in the nation as a freshman and sophomore, but ran into academic problems in the latter part of his career. Explosive 6'10 big that can run the floor and dunk on anyone. Committed to West Virginia, but has yet to log a minute of action due to eligibility issues.

112. East: Peter Kpan (Brookhaven ‘10)

After three seasons at Franklin Heights, Kpan transferred to Brookhaven for his senior year. Was productive as a Bearcat alongside Bowling Green commit Craig Sealey in 2009-10. Went on to play at Coastal Georgia for his freshman year, before ending up at Gulf Coast State as a sophomore, and is now finishing up his career at McNeese State.

*113. Briggs: Sekou Spain (Briggs ‘10)

Explosive senior forward that was a key piece to a Briggs team in 2009-10 that didn't play to its potential. Known for high-flying dunks and expressive bravado. Didn't play after college, and is now a member of the successful Columbus rap group Fetti Nation.

114. Centennial: Boo Osbourne (Centennial ‘13)

Underrated scorer in the City League. Could make things happen with the ball that most players were just not capable of. Leading scorer in the City League North as a senior. Currently playing at Division II Ashland University.

*115. South: Ellis Williams (South ‘13)

Big 6'8 post that signed to Bryant University after a successful career at South. Was an instrumental part in the turnaround of a once-proud South program, that with the help of Williams, is now one of the better teams in the City League South.


116. Eastmoor Academy: Craig Sealey (Brookhaven ‘10)

Lengthy 6'6 small forward with lots of athleticism. Went on to Bowling Green after a successful career at Brookhaven. Currently averaging 3.4 points and 2.4 rebounds as a senior at BGSU.

*117. Walnut Ridge: Randal Clarkson (Brookhaven ‘13)

One of the more entertaining players to watch in recent years in the City League North. Explosive 5'10 guard that is a crafty finisher around the rim. After nearly leading Brookhaven over eventual state-champion Bishop Watterson last season, Clarkson moved on to Angelina College in Florida.

118. Northland: Jordan Potts (Northland ‘12)

Excellent shooter that flat out knows how to score the ball. Was a big part of Northland's 2009 state championship team as a freshman. Went on to UNC-Greensboro after four years at Northland. Currently averaging 6.7 points and 2.1 assists coming off the bench.

*119. Brookhaven: Cameron Vines (Whetstone ‘11)

The last great player to come from Whetstone, Vines is making a name for himself at Division II St. Joseph's. Averaging 23.8 points per game this season, good for sixth best in the country.

ROUND 8 (Legends Pt. 2)

*120. Brookhaven: Samaki Walker (Eastmoor ‘94)

Played three years at Eastmoor before graduating from Whitehall. Went on to a successful career at Louisville before being selected ninth overall by the Dallas Mavericks in the 1996 NBA Draft, four spots ahead of Kobe Bryant. Played 10 seasons in the NBA, winning a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2001-02.

121. Northland: Granville Waiters (East ‘79)

6'11 center that played five seasons in the NBA after a successful career at Ohio State. Averaged a career-best 3.6 points per game with the Indiana Pacers in the 1983-84 season.

*122. Walnut Ridge: Ed Ratleff (East ‘69)

High-scoring guard from East High that went on to play at Long Beach State. Was a first team All-American alongside high school teammate Dwight Lamar in 1972-73. Played five seasons in the NBA for the Houston Rockets, averaging a career-high 11.8 points per game in 1974-75. Was a member of the 1972 U.S. Mens Olympic team that lost a controversial gold medal match to the Soviet Union. Ratleff and his teammates refused to accept their silver medals.

123. Eastmoor Academy: Curtis Simmons (Marion-Franklin '93)

Dominant big man that never lost to the super front court of Eastmoor in the early '90s. Was named the 1992-93 Central District Co-Player of the Year after averaging 26.9 points per game. Went on to play collegiately at Ohio University.

*124. South: Brandon Foust (Brookhaven ‘03)

Athletic forward that signed to play at Oklahoma alongside high school teammate Drew Lavander. Versatile forward known for athletic slams. Key piece to the Brookhaven dynasty of the early 2000s.

125. Centennial: Rolland Patterson (Mifflin ‘05)

One of the more underrated guards in City League history. Flashy scorer from Mifflin that was never afraid of the big shot. The only person to stop Patterson was himself.

*126. Briggs: Brandon Ivery (Walnut Ridge ‘04)

The King of the South. Athletic small forward that could do it all on the hardwood. Originally signed to play at Wright State but ended up at Rio Grande.

127. East: Chuckie Williams (East ‘72)

Talented 6'3 guard that is one of several legendary players to come from East. Played four years at Kansas State. Averaged 22.1 points per game as a junior. Selected 15th overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 1976 NBA Draft. Played two seasons of professional ball.

*128. Marion-Franklin: Dejuan McGaughy (Marion-Franklin ‘10)

Talented point guard with great athleticism. All-City performer that led Marion-Franklin to back-to-back City League South titles in his final two seasons. Currently playing at High Point, where he helped lead the Jaguars to a Big South regular season conference championship this season.

129. Africentric: Devon Moore (Northland ‘08)

One of the founding fathers of a Northland dynasty that has lasted over eight seasons. All-State player that went on to a successful four years at James Madison.

*130. Mifflin: Ed Jenkins (West ‘94)

All-City and All-State big man from West that signed to play at Ohio State under then head coach Randy Ayers.

131. International: Denzel Lyles (Brookhaven ‘04)

Underrated piece to the Brookhaven dynasty. Talented scoring guard that could take over a game at any minute. Last played college ball at Henderson State in 2012-13.

*132. Beechcroft: Robert Owens (Brookhaven ‘00)

Another talented player to come from Brookhaven. Did it all in high school en route to a college career at Ball State. Was an All-MAC performer in college.

133. West: Tehran Wimbley (West ‘02)

Big-time scorer at West that averaged over 27 points per game as a senior. Key member of the West teams that won City League titles from 1998-2000. Played collegiately at Grand Rapids Community College.

*134. Linden: Raheem Moss (Brookhaven ‘02)

Another alum from the Brookhaven basketball factory. Committed to Bowling Green alongside Lewis before moving on to Cleveland State. Played overseas for a number of years.

135. Independence: George Reese (Independence ‘95)

All-City small forward that after high school, attended South Florida for a year, but did not play basketball. Reese then bounced around two junior colleges before landing at Ohio State from 1998-2000. A member of Ohio State's 1999 Final Four team, Reese averaged 13.2 points and 5.7 rebounds as a senior the following year. Played professionally in Europe for the greater half of the last decade.

*136. Whetstone: Jeff Gibbs (East ‘99)

The best 6'0 center in City League history. Explosive big man that could rise up in a hurry. Played both basketball and football at Otterbein.

ROUND 9 (2000s Legends)

*137. Whetstone: Devin Green (Beechcroft ‘01)

Beechcroft's greatest alum. All-City performer that spent some time in the NBA with the Lakers.

138. Independence: Teddy Scott (Whetstone ‘03)

Underrated performer in the City. Led the league in scoring in 2002-03 before moving on to dominate D2 West Virginia State. Playing overseas.

*139. Linden: John Davis (Linden ‘03)

Do-it-all player at Linden that went on to Tarleton State. Played overseas for several years.

140. West: John Chappell (West ‘02)

Burly 6'8 post from West. All-City performer that went on to play at Southeast Missouri State.

*141. Beechcroft: Dequan Owens (Beechcroft ‘03)

All-City and All-State player that went on to a successful career at Otterbein before injuries derailed his career.

142. International: John Wililamson (Marion-Franklin ‘04)

Was a JUCO All-American that found his way to Cincinnati for college ball. Currently playing overseas.

*143. Mifflin: Cody Ballard (Mifflin ‘05)

High-scorer that originally signed to play at Morehead State. Finished up his career at South Carolina-Aiken.

144. Africentric: Donald Suel (Africentric ‘09)

All-Everything for Africentric. Division-IV player of the year in 2009, while earning All-City and All-State honors. Played at Urbana.

*145. Marion-Franklin: Dashawn Ford (Marion-Franklin ‘05)

All-City guard that found his way to Jackson State after two seasons playing JUCO ball at Columbus State.

146. East: Justin Banks (East ‘08)

After a successful career at East, went on to play at West Virginia State.

*147. Briggs: Lance Sullivan (Africentric ‘05)

All-City and All-State player that was a major part to Africentric's 2005 state championship team. Currently playing pro ball overseas.

148. Centennial: Bucky Chenault (Centennial ‘10)

High-scoring guard that scored 50 points in a home game vs. Mifflin as a senior. Last played for Mt. San Jacinto College after a successful career at Centennial.

*149. South: Mario Bowles (Marion-Franklin ‘01)

Great shooter at Marion-Franklin that garnered All-City honors. Took over as athletic director at Marion-Franklin in 2011.

150. Eastmoor Academy: Ron Tanner (Eastmoor Academy ‘11)

Talented two-sport star that has made his name on the grindiron. Currently playing free safety for Ohio State.

*151. Walnut Ridge: Chuck Jefferson (Walnut Ridge ‘05)

All-City guard that played at Urbana.Currently is an assistant coach at Walnut Ridge.

152. Northland: Mychal Green (Northland ‘01)

Big-time player at Northland that garnered All-City and All-State honors. Played collegiately at Ohio University. Currently playing overseas.

*153. Brookhaven: Dontae Patterson (Brookhaven ‘02)

The forgotten key to Brookhaven's dynasty. All-City guard that signed to play at Wright State.

A look at the teams

With the rosters complete below, take a look at the results of the draft. Comment which team you think is the best in the comment section below.


1. Estaban Weaver
34. James Manns
35. Ulmer Manzie
68. Danny Corbett
69. Maciyah Fleming
102. Shawon Wilson
103. Jerry Dixon
136. Jeff Gibbs
137. Devin Green


2. Andrew Lavender
33. Derek McKeithen
36. Robert Banks
67. Octavius Luke
70. Marcellus Taylor
101. Chase Brown
104. JD Weatherspoon
135. George Reese
138. Teddy Scott


3. Kenny Gregory
32. Khalil Wade
37. Dametrius Walker
66. Antonio Givens
71. Daveon Miskel
100. Malik Breckenridge
105. Jalen Robinson
134. Raheem Moss
139. John Davis
141. Dequan Owens


4. Michael Redd
31. J-Saun Davis
38. John Montgomery
65. Curt Armstrong
72. Jhustus Cornley
99. DeQuan Daniels
106. Jordan Laster
133. Tehran Wimbley
140. John Chappell


5. Jared Sullinger
30. Dymiere Finch
39. Rodney Willis
64. Dexter Kowalski
73. Brandon Paschal
98. Rakim Fells
107. Armani Towns
132. Robert Owens


6. Lamont Barnes
29. Hasan Varence
40. Aaron Mullins
63. Lamar Barnes
74. Chris Byrd
97. Jordan Kinchen
108. Jeremy Qualls
131. Denzel Lyles
142. John Williamson


7. Tihon Johnson
28. Tarik Wright
41. Akil Cornish
62. Trenton Miller
75. Lavoris Brown
96. Jaylyn Watkins
109. Rob Wheelwright
130. Ed Jenkins
143. Cody Ballard


8. Trey Burke
27. Jaquan Harrison
42. Houston Smith
61. Shamonty Manning
76. Gyai Gymerah
95. LJ Buttrum
110. Devon Scott
129. Devon Moore
144. Donald Suel


9. Larry Jones
26. Nate Jameson
43. Aaron Adair
60. Kovien Dominaus
77. JonTae Hudson
94. Jon Mason
111. Elijah Macon
128. Dejuan McGaughy
145. Dashawn Ford


10. Bo Lamar
25. Malik Harrison
44. PJ Wilkes
59. Dalton Laster
78. James Curry
93. Kenny Sloan
112. Peter Kpan
127. Chuckie Williams
146. Justin Banks


11. Tony Rice
24. Shemar Waugh
45. Markel Wyche
58. Dante Brown
79. Shakir Sims
92. Rome Godsey
113. Sekou Spain
126. Brandon Ivery
147. Lance Sullivan


12. Don Carlos
23. Jaylen Tucker
46. Joseph Thomas
57. John Pope
80. Jordan Radcliffe
91. Ray Brooks
114. Boo Osbourne
125. Rolland Patterson
148. Bucky Chenault


13. Fred Saunders
22. Doug Taylor
47. Azende Johnson
56. Robert Bowers
81. DeAnthony Griffin
90. Jeff Floyd
115. Ellis Williams
124. Brandon Foust
149. Mario Bowles

Eastmoor Academy

14. Isaac Jefferson
21. Seth Towns
48. Jacob Craft
55. Shadrick Kimble
82. Dennard Ford
89. Deon Lindsay
116. Craig Sealey
123. Curtis Simmons
150. Ron Tanner

Walnut Ridge

15. Jamelle Cornley
20. Xavier Holston-Sims
49. Ty Hairston
54. Maleik Gore
83. Seth McCoy
88. Kyle Oglesby
117. Randal Clarkson
122. Ed Ratleff
151. Chuck Jefferson


16. Herb Williams
19. Ronnie Williams
50. Josh Chellers
53. Stanley Jackson
84. DeShawn Nelms
87. Jahmal Hughes
118. Jordan Potts
121. Granville Waiters
152. Mychal Green


17. Ron Lewis
18. Charles Holland
51. Jalon Lewis
52. Travon Hester
85. Kalib Younger
86. Raequan Moody
119. Cameron Vines
120. Samaki Walker
153. Donte Patterson