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Why is this news?: Evan Turner fights, Urban talks Ohio HS spring ball

All the big Ohio State stories in one helpful article. From Evan Turner throwing down fisticuffs, to Urban Meyer talking about the prospects of more football evaluation in the spring for Ohio high schools, to major facility expansion at Ohio State, plus much more.

Andy Lyons

"This stuff happens, but the timing wasn't ideal."

-Source to Yahoo! Sports on Evan Turner and Lance Stephenson fighting before Game 1 of the NBA playoffs

Some Buckeye fans were hoping that the NBA playoffs could provide an excellent platform for former No. 2 overall pick and Buckeye Evan Turner to showcase his talents. This is probably not what they had in mind.

It's not exactly a secret that Stephenson may not always be the easiest person to get along with in the NBA, and for that matter, neither is Turner. The Pacers have tumbled dramatically over the last few months, and Turner is trying to figure out his new role with a squad that significantly reduces the amount that he has the ball in his hands. It's understandable that tempers might be high.

Still, getting in a fight is not the way you'd hope to see Turner's name in the headlines right now. Especially by somebody who went to Cincinnati.

"The best thing about Ohio right now are the high-school coaches in the state. I think it is the best coaching there is in the country."

-Urban Meyer on spring football for Ohio high schools

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer hasn't been shy in talking about the quality of football in Ohio high schools, and no matter how many visits Buckeye coaches go on to places like Florida, Georgia, Virginia and Texas, recruiting and developing talent in the Buckeye State remains a priority. That's why Meyer has been beating the drum again to try and win more developmental and evaluation time from the OHSAA during the offseason, like many states in the south allow. If Ohio has some of the best high school coaches in the country, after all, Meyer wants those coaches to do more coaching.

The OHSAA has pushed back on this, pointing out that Ohio doesn't have the same weather advantages that Florida and other southern states have, and that long, organized spring football practice would compromise participation in other spring sports.

"We redshirted too many last year, and that was our fault. There was a misunderstanding, and we just didn't do a good job, especially on defense. When they show up on campus, we need to get them ready to play."

-Urban Meyer

If you were frustrated with the fact that relatively few member of last year's star-studded recruiting class hit the field in a meaningful way last season, you aren't alone. Coach Meyer tends to agree, and with another loaded recruiting class coming in, he's continuously talked about the need to get those players ready to play – quickly.

An infusion of youth could happen across the entire roster, from offensive skill positions, to linebacker, to running back, to the defensive backfield.

"We are very proud to be able to provide our student-athletes outstanding facilities and competition venues."

-Don Patko, Associate director of athletics facilities at Ohio State

Per a release today, Ohio State wants you to know about a slew of facility improvements all around their athletic department for this year. From a new lacrosse locker room to additional seating at The Shoe to an indoor golf facility, Buckeye sports team will not lack for the state of the art tools they need to be successful.

The full slate of project cost more than $45 million, and will benefit 23 varsity sports, per the university. A photo gallery of the improvements can be seen here.