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Report: Big Ten schools in line for massive pay day with new TV deal

Each school in the conference could bring in $44.5 million per year starting in 2017-18.


The Big Ten already has one of the best television deals in college sports, but by 2017-18, the conferences schools are set to get even richer, according to a document the Lafayette Journal & Courier got through an open records request with Purdue.

By that year, each of the 12 of the 14 member schools — excluding Maryland and Rutgers — will received $44.5 million in revenue each year through the Big Ten's TV, conference and NCAA distribution plan. Rutgers and Maryland will receive full shares by 2020-21, and Nebraska will be fully integrated into the conference by 2017-18.

The TV numbers are up from this year, when according to the Journal & Courier, the league's teams will get $27 million total. By 2017-18, the projection states that each school will get $33 million in TV revenue alone. The growth in revenue is staggering ever since the Big Ten Network launched in 2007. All schools in the conference benefit equally from the growth, since the schools share revenue equally, with the exception of the new members that have to undergo the integration program.

One year before the BTN started, conference schools received around $14 million.


Revenue Purdue has received from the Big Ten since 2007-08:

2007-08: $18.8 million

2008-09: $19.2 million

2009-10: $20 million

2010-11: $22.8 million

2011-12: $24.7 million

2012-13: $25.4 million

Of course, there's the chance that the schools might need to share some of that revenue with the players the Ed O'Bannon suit prevails. But still, the growth over over $30 million in a decade is incredible.