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Ohio State recruiting: Patrick Allen talks NFTC, OSU v. Florida State

Patrick Allen was one of the top linemen at an o-line-loaded Washington D.C. NFTC. See what he had to say about his process and more.

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2014 offensive lineman Patrick Allen knows better than most that there are a lot of moving pieces to a recruiting process.

While Florida State and Ohio State have seemingly alternated as the four-star guard/tackle's leader (depending on who you ask and when), the process has been a fluid one, and with new variables being introduced every week, the situation is changing almost literally from one day to the next.

"[My top choices are] changing right now. It's moving around, as far as schools go. With the Michigan and the Georgia offers, I have to start reevaluating and looking at what I had," Allen said of the over 20 scholarship offers he possesses.

Having been attached to Florida State, Ohio State, and even LSU, Allen concedes that the formers are two programs that are very appealing to him.

"Most people think it's Florida State. I like Ohio State a lot. But now, it's kind of even. Neck-and-neck. I just have to figure out which is the right fit for me," Allen said of the top programs.

Though he still has some offers he'd like to get before everything's said and done, Allen hasn't shied away from continuing to work hard and take on challenges like the one presented by a loaded NFTC Washington D.C. field.

"I think I showcased my quickness. I can move against the guys that I was going against. Being patient just as far as working," Allen said.

The Reisterstown, MD product finished in the D.C. NFTC first group of offensive lineman, being slotted against the day's top rush ends at "left tackle", with camp line MVP Matthew Burrell to his right at "left guard", and Alabama commit Richie Petitbon at "center".

In terms of what's next, and any real visit plans for the months ahead, Allen's keeping his calendar open. "My plan is to just be working. Just getting bigger. Getting ready for next season. And maybe, possibly, a visit to Georgia."

Here's Allen splitting a pair of reps against DeMatha Catholic 2016 SDE/OLB Shane Simmons, a recent Florida State offeree: