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Report: CPD release potential Bradley Roby 911 call from night of OVI citation

CPD have released a 911 tape which may tie Bradley Roby to driving in the area of the night in question of his OVI citation.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

More details have emerged in the situation surrounding an OVI citation issued by the Columbus Police Department to former Ohio State defensive back Bradley Roby.

As reported by WBNS 10TV, the Columbus Police Department have released a 911 call in which the person in the recording speaks to a black SUV that may have been the one Roby was driving.

"Hi, I'm just leaving BBR on Vine and some black Dodge Charger just almost hit a bunch of kids on the sidewalk. And now, the driver is passed out drunk on the side of BBR in black Charger with Georgia plates," the caller states.

Roby hails originally from Suwanee, Georgia in the greater Atlanta metro area.

Though police reported that Roby, who court documents detail was found passed out behind the wheel of an SUV two Sundays ago, failed an onsite field sobriety test, Roby has adamantly denied that he was driving while intoxicated.

Roby took to Twitter this past Friday to share documents which would seem to confirm a claim from his agent that he had blown ten times lower than the legal limit for driving under the influence.