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Why is this news?: Jim Tressel a finalist for Youngstown State president position

All the big Ohio State news in one helpful and quote-filled place.

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Jimmy T hopes to sit on YSU's Iron Throne
Jimmy T hopes to sit on YSU's Iron Throne
Mitchell Leff

"Jim Tressel, executive vice president at the University of Akron, is one of three finalists for president at Youngstown State University."

-Karen Farkas,

The Senator, previously named one of the top six candidates for the YSU presidency, has now been named to the top three. He'll be duking it out with Mary Cullinan, president of Southern Oregon, and Gary Miller, chancellor of UNC-Wilmington.

So I don't know anything about either of those candidates. But I do know that Tressel can make sweatervests be YSU's "thing," which I don't know either of the other two candidates can offer. It just makes sense - President Gee had bow ties, so YSU's president should represent the Great State of Ohio with a unique old-school piece of menswear.

Also, at this point, I think Tressel deserves pretty much whatever he wants.

"We have some finality now," Miller said. "He desperately needs to have this thing done."

-John Futty, The Columbus Dispatch

It looks like the Roby legal saga is finally wrapping up. Roby took a plea deal for a three day driver intervention program and a measley $375 fine in his attempt to wrap the whole thing up quickly and minimize draft-stock damage.

We detailed this more extensively here, and I think Luke is correct in saying this won't likely impact his draft stock by any significant amount.

"I would finally say it's at a point where offense is clicking early and so is our defense. It's going to be nice to see how the season starts out for us."

-Shilique Calhoun, Michigan State defensive end

It's pretty easy to hype MSU these days, and for good reason. With Pat Narduzzi back for at least another year (after not seeing an attractive head coaching vacancy in the offseason), Connor Cook and Jeremy Langford on offense, and Dantonio's trick plays, you get the sense that Little Brother is set up to be the Buckeyes' foil for the near future.

The USA TODAY article has the usual defensive offseason cliches ("We'll come up with turnovers and we'll compete," Dantonio said. "Our defensive staff will have the guys ready to compete. We'll run at the ball. We'll play hard.") as well as some insight into the greater parity between the Spartan's offense and defense. I think that's fairly accurate, as Connor Cook eviscerated the Buckeye pass defense, setting up Langford to grind out the end of the game. It's obviously early, but I'd put my money on a rematch of last year's B1G championship.

"Good luck with recruiting, Maryland."

-Matt Brown, Sports on Earth

Matt Brown (the other one) takes a shot at scoring how teams are doing in the latest round of conference realignment. While things don't look hot for Maryland and Rutgers (obviously), Brown is fair in his assessment of Maryland: talented roster, but the division (East, Legends, whichever it is) and future recruiting may be insurmountable.

What do I make of "Good luck with recruiting," though? Maryland took Stefon Diggs away from Urban and offered Taivon Jacobs an alternative landing place. That's not the kind of behavior we appreciate from new conference-mates, Terps.

"His mother's reaction was priceless."

-Nina Mandell, For the Win

For your feel-good video link of the day, check out Houston's junior kicker get a scholarship from head coach Levine. His mom's reaction is what makes the video.