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Bradley Roby pleads guilty to amended charge, gets suspended sentence

The former Ohio State corner pleaded down and will instead get a suspended sentence contingent upon his completion of a driver-intervention program.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Per the Columbus Dispatch, former Ohio State corner Bradley Roby pleaded guilty this morning to an amended charge in a Franklin County courthouse where he was facing a hearing surrounding his OVI citation from several weeks past. The revised charge Roby pleaded guilty to was "physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol". Roby had been found allegedly passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle the morning of April 20.

The judge in the case sentenced Roby to a 180-day suspended jail sentence conditional under him taking a three-day driver-intervention program. Roby's attorney told the Columbus Dispatch he'd begin the program this Thursday.

Following a report that Roby had been arrested, both the potential future NFL first-round draft pick and his agent took to the internet to attempt to distance themselves from those accusations. Roby's agent purported that his client had merely been cited and released on his own recognizance and a day later Roby produced a police document which appeared to confirm his agent's claim that he'd blown 10 times less than the legal limit for alcohol consumption. According to court documents, Roby had failed a field-sobriety test on the scene.

This latest legal chapter (Roby had been arrested for an incident at a Bloomington, Ind. bar last summer but later had those charges drop) at this point would seem unlikely to impact his draft stock. Roby is still widely expected to go in the latter portion of the draft's first round or early-to-middle part of the second.