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So you drafted Ohio State's Corey "Philly" Brown?

Philly Brown was Ohio State's go-to receiver the past two seasons, and he now looks to make a splash in the NFL. What expectations should we have for him?


The name Corey Brown probably sounds familiar to you, right? Isn't that the guy who plays defense-- no, offense? But, we bet if you heard the name, "Philly" Brown, you'd know exactly who we were talking about, the three time leading receiver for the Buckeyes. Here is what you're getting when you add Philly to your squad.

Philly Brown isn't the fastest guy in the draft, nor is he the most athletic, but he certainly has been reliable for Ohio State. For three straight seasons, Brown led the Buckeye receivers in receptions. Over his four seasons with the Bucks, Brown started 35 games and stockpiled 1750 yards on 145 receptions. Brown wasn't always the home-run guy, but he did get a lot of the dirty work done, providing a regular target for Braxton Miller, even when his fellow wideouts may have been underwhelming.

First, let's talk about the athleticism of Brown. Philly posted the 22nd best 40-time at this year's combine, with a 4.51, 21st in the shuttle, and 30th in the vertical. Athletically speaking, Brown is only just about average or even just below average, but we have seen many times that the guys who don't run the fastest can still produce big results in the NFL, if given the right situation.

If a team drafts Philly Brown, they will definitely get a blocker, a skill emphasized in Ohio State's offensive scheme. Brown's effort or mental engagement will also not be called into question.

Perhaps mostly importantly, given that Brown will be, at-best, a 3rd day pick, Philly Brown will also provide a team with special-teams depth. Brown was the Buck's exclusive punt returner his junior and senior seasons. In his career, Brown returned 47 punts for 460 yards, while taking two all the way for six. This experience on special teams will help Brown find himself a home and  may possibly land him some early playing time.

Another attribute that will stand out to NFL teams is Brown's dynamic leadership. Although early in his career Brown was not known for being a vocal leader, Meyer pointed out that during his senior season, Brown made a complete 180, and was one of the most vocal leaders and captains of the team. On a team under the spotlight as much as Ohio State, that experience is not for nothing:

He’s the absolute leader of this team, unchallenged, unquestionable.

-Urban Meyer

Either on the third day of the draft, or as an UFA, Brown should get an opportunity to at least crack an NFL roster. If Brown lands in the right situation, and with a coaching staff that is willing to develop him a little, he has a good chance to collect NFL paychecks for a while. A team expecting him to slip into the top five rotation at wideout, or with a questionable QB situation, may be found wanting.

Don't worry though, Philly has plenty of that confidence to go around: