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So you drafted Ohio State's Corey Linsley?

Much like two of his offensive linemates, Corey Linsley could provide an NFL team with a tough lineman that possesses the versatility to play at a number of different spots along the line.

Linsley was Ohio State's starting center the past two years
Linsley was Ohio State's starting center the past two years
Kirk Irwin

While Linsley's career might have started with limited activity, playing in six games as a redshirt freshman in 2010, the appearances picked up from there on out. In 2011 Linsley played in 10 games at multiple positions along the line.

In 2012 Linsley found his home on the line, assuming the role of center for the Buckeyes. From there on out Linsley started all 26 games for Ohio State over the next two years. During his junior season Linsley was honored for his play by being name honorable mention All-Big Ten, and improved on that by being named first team All-Big Ten in his senior season.

Linsley will bring to the table some athleticism to the offensive line of whatever team drafts him. The Youngstown native has good quickness and is able to stay light on his feet in pass protection. Linsley is good at keeping his head on a swivel after the snap which allows him to make any blitz pickups that might be necessary.

Another strength that Linsley possesses is his strength. At the NFL Combine, Linsley was able to do 36 reps during the 225-pound bench press. The power of Linsley makes him difficult to move off his spot, and also allows him to absorb contact well. Linsley uses his hands well against rushers and also is able to use good positioning to play with leverage against his opponents. Combine all that and the tenacity that Linsley posseses and he could make for a good late round NFL pick for a team, especially with his ability to play multiple positions on the offensive line.

While Linsley may have good strength, but at 6' 3 and 295 pounds he has average size, which could hurt him on the inside against some of the mammoth defensive tackles that are seen throughout the NFL. Where you tend to see Linsley get beat is when he is trying to contain explosive inside rushers. At times he can be a little too patient, which could hurt him in the NFL where the speed of the game is even faster.

Lacking the size and explosion that his opponents are likely to possess, Linsley will have to outsmart his opponents and make sure he has sound technique. While Linsley won't make an immediate impact on a team, his versatility will make him useful on a roster and it would be surprising to see him work his way into seeing more playing time if he is given a shotm