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Why is this news?: Ex-OSU OL Mike Adams sued, CBS Sports Network carrying Ohio State season opener

All the big Ohio State news in one helpful place.

Mike Adams is being sued and could face some trouble ahead.
Mike Adams is being sued and could face some trouble ahead.
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

"Penn State AD Joyner said there's been some discussions about playing Big Ten opponents in non-conference games. Former Michigan AD Martin proposed this years ago."

Adam Rittenberg, ESPN

With the Big Ten's spring meetings underway, we weren't treated to much big news on day one, but Penn State's athletic director spitballing playing Big Ten teams out-of-conference was about the juiciest talking point we did get. The reasoning? Supposedly to face College Football Playoff conference caliber opposition and cut down on travel costs in the process.

Illinois athletic director Mike Thomas (who provided the talking point above) was also asked about the 9-game league schedule and responded it was here to stay. Whether that helps anyone's strength of schedule, particularly with both the SEC and ACC sticking to eight game conference schedules, remains to be seen.

"One of three men acquitted last month of trying to carjack the Pittsburgh Steelers' Mike Adams sued the lineman Tuesday, saying Adams lied about the incident."


Former Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams is being sued by one of the very same men that Adams was allegedly attacked by when he went out to his car one night at 3:00 a.m. The defendants are claiming that Adams was actually drunk when he came out of the restaurant and was in fact the aggressor.

Supposedly, after Adams knocked one of the men's food on the ground, the group begin fighting. The man that reportedly stabbed Adams, Jerrell Whitlock, was acquitted (along with one of the other men) of attempted homicide, aggravated assault, conspiracy, and attempted robbery. Dquay Means was the only to be convicted, but only for escape, when he fled while being wanted by the police.

The whole situation is sticky and doesn't look great for Adams, especially with him already being in the Steelers' cautious approach to drafting him back in 2011.

"If Tressel were to terminate the agreement, he would have to pay a buyout between $150,000 and $200,000, depending on when the termination would take place."

- Martin Rickman, Sports Illustrated

With Jim Tressel being named the ninth president of Youngstown State University, the history of his success from his outings on the gridiron at Youngstown State and Ohio State have followed him as a president as well. Of course, with that success, there were the little black marks on his record as well, after dealing with the sanctions from the NCAA following the tattoo-for-bartering scandal and the situations at Youngstown before.

The university is confident, however, and gave their full support in Tressel being named the president. While it's being regarded as a "risk", Tressel's personal history with YSU makes this circumstance a unique one. But the above talking point certainly leaves some wiggle room come December 19, 2016 when his "show cause" finally expires for him to possibly look into his options back in coaching should he so desire.

"CBS Sports Network will carry Aug. 30 opener vs. Navy."

Bill Rabinowitz, Columbus Dispatch

*Insert collective groan* Ohio State's season opener against Navy for the 2014 season will be broadcast on CBS Sports Network.  While that shouldn't be a problem in Columbus (Time Warner's ordinary digital plan includes the channel), it may cause those outside the region to have to pay extra to watch the Buckeyes' season opener.

The game is being played at M&T Bank Stadium (the home stadium of the Baltimore Ravens) and is set for a noon start time.