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Beyond the bagman: Podcast on Ohio State and the NCAA with Steven Godfrey

We chat with SB Nation reporter Steven Godfrey on the fallout from his epic tale of bagmen, future scheduling across the country, the Cincinnati game, and more.

Streeter Lecka

Unless you were out of the country for an extended period of time and without internet access, you probably at least heard about the college football story that swept the nation, "Meet the Bag Man", which detailed the underground economy of paying college football recruits to influence recruiting decisions. If you missed it, please open up a new tab and read the whole thing before continuing. It's okay. We'll wait. 

For our next edition of "Hangout in the Holy Land", we catch up with the author of the article, SB Nation's Steven Godfrey

Highlights of the conversation include:

* A discussion on what it's like to almost overnight become a sports media sensation, and how that impacts his relationship with schools

* A measure of compassion afforded to those working in the thankless task of compliance. If you want to see how complicated that task can be, check out one of Godfrey's most recent articles

* A look at future scheduling, the merits of eight and nine-game conference schedules, and why different leagues went for different systems

* Whether "competitive balance" can be achieved in college football

* Whether Bagman exist in the Big Ten (SPOILER ALERT: they totally do), and whether they exist outside of the 'Power 5', and how those systems might look differently in other places

* A closer look at the Ohio State/Cincinnati game, why it is important, and why Ohio State fans shouldn't count out the Bearcats.

 You can listen to the podcast here, or subscribe on iTunes to get our piping #hot #takes delivered directly to your door automatically. Fun starts at 2:45

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