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Report: Torrance Gibson suspended from high school

The five-star prospect has been suspended by his high school with rumors circulating he could transfer as a result.

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According to a report from 940-AM WINZ/iHeartRadio host/on-air personality Andy Slater, highly touted five-star ATH/QB Torrance Gibson has been suspended by his American Heritage high school. Slater speculates Gibson could leave the school entirely as a result.

Details surrounding the incident are scarce at this time, but hours after the initial report, Slater stated that Gibson hadn't just been suspended from the team, but the school as well. He also claimed that the incident was related to an altercation with a teacher at the Plantation, Florida high school.

South Florida High School's Josh Darrow, however, came out hours later to dispute that claim, saying the matter was "sensitive" and included "privacy concerns" but did not involve a teacher. Darrow would go on to add that Gibson had told him he wouldn't be transferring.

On Tuesday, Gibson tweeted the following:

He did not participate in Plantation American Heritage's spring game Thursday afternoon.

Gibson, a five-star on the 247Sports Composite, is currently pegged by the Crystal Ball to land with the Bucks. Though 247Sports recently followed Rivals in reclassifying Gibson as an athlete instead of a quarterback (which SB Nation Recruiting's Bud Elliott thinks is a better fit as he projects to wide receiver long term), the Buckeyes were still recruiting Gibson hard as recently as this past week, and many considered him to be the top quarterback on their board.

We'll have more on this as it develops.

Note: This article has been updated to reflect a dispute over the root cause of Gibson's suspension.