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Ohio State basketball recruiting: Zach Fleer talks 2015 and beyond

On the latest edition of Hangout in the Holy Land, we talk all things recruiting with our own Zach Fleer.

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We've talked a lot about Ohio State football recruiting here, but basketball recruiting has flown a little under the radar, even though the team somewhat recently added a new top prospect. To help us shed some light on where Ohio State is looking, what they're looking for, and how the new guys might fit in, we chatted with our own expert Zach Fleer on this latest edition of Hangout in the Holy Land.

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Zach joins us at about the 1:15 mark. Topics discussed on this podcast include:

  • Which member of the 2015 basketball recruiting class is Zach most excited about, and why? What do they each bring to the table?
  • Who are some big man prospects that Ohio State is targeting, and who is most likely to end up in Columbus?
  • What can Buckeye fans expect from Dave Bell, and what does he need to work on to progress?
  • Which incoming freshmen are poised to make the biggest impact?
  • Should Ohio State fans be optimistic that this team may be better than last year's, even without Aaron Craft and LaQuinton Ross?
  • What other Central Ohio prospects are worth watching?
  • The closing of Brookhaven, and the state of Columbus hoops
  • Your $15 All-Ohio NBA team