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Why is this news?: Youngstown State President Tressel? Plus Eron Harris draws Ohio State interest

All the big Ohio State news in one convenient package.

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Mitchell Leff

"We are confident that Mr. Tressel is the one candidate who will continue to build and nourish our efforts to establish an environment of trust, transparency, and open collaboration that we, as union leaders have worked hard to create,"

-Youngstown State University faculty union leaders

Former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel has gotten a ringing endorsement from the faculty union at Youngstown State University. Currently Tressel is one of three candidates being considered to take of as president of Youngstown State University along with Mary Culliman, who is president of Southern Oregon University, and Gary L. Miller, who is chancellor at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.

Tressel is also one of three candidates that is being considered for the same position at the University of Akron, where he currently serves as the executive vice president. The other candidates for the Akron position are Ronald A. Nykiel, who currently is the provost and vice president of academic affairs at the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore, and Scott L. Scarborough, who holds the position of provost and executive vice president at the University of Toledo. Both schools should announce their choices soon.

And speaking of soon, Youngstown's apparently called an emergency meeting. Could President Tressel be a thing soon?

"Yesterday was pretty hectic. I was getting quite a few calls and had some good talks with coaches. My dad also talked to some coaches. At the end of the day, I'm going to put myself in a good environment and have to make a good decision."

-West Virginia transfer Eron Harris

On Tuesday West Virginia sophomore Eron Harris received his release from the university, and began to hear from other schools that are interested in having the 6-3 guard join their programs. Last year Harris averaged 17.2 points per game and shot 42% for the Mountaineers. Once he decides on where he will be transferring to, Harris will have to sit out the 2014-15 college basketball season and will have two years of eligibility left after that.

Ohio State apparently on the list of schools interested in having Harris join their basketball team. The Buckeyes aren't the only Big Ten school interested, with Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, Michigan, and Michigan State believed to be in the mix. Other non-Big Ten schools that are believed to have interest in Harris are Butler, Kentucky, and UCLA among others.

“It’s learning touch, knowing when to throw a fastball and when to take some heat off. His athleticism is outstanding, his feet, he has the ability to dance and get away from trouble."

-Dane Brugler, NFL Draft analyst

With the NFL Draft starting tonight, Doug Lesmeries of took a look at what Braxton Miller has to do to improve his draft stock heading into next year's NFL Draft. Lesmeries spoke with's NFL Draft analyst to get his critique of what areas that Miller has to improve in if he wants to be drafted high in the 2015 draft.

The consensus of the biggest area that Miller needs to improve on if he has any designs of being a first-day pick next year, it is his ability to pass the football. Earning a bigger trust in his passing skills should allow for Miller to be forced to run the ball less which should help to keep him healthy. Not only will Miller need to stay healthy throughout the season to help his draft stock, but also it will be imperative on any national championship hopes that Ohio State has this coming season.

"CAPA is concerned that this hearing has been called in an attempt to legitimize the NCAA's illegitimate effort to eliminate college athletes' rights"

-Ramogi Huma, College Athletes Players Association president

A hearing was scheduled to be held in front of the House Education Committee and the Workforce Committee to dig deeper into the National Labor Relations Board's ruling that Northwestern's student athletes were employees and able to unionize. Northwestern held a vote on April 25th vote to determine if they want to unionize or not, but those ballots have been sealed until the school's appeal plays out.

The chairman of the hearing is Minnesota Republican John Kline, who thinks that the findings by the National Labor Relations Board were wrong, but is using the hearing to gather more information on the findings. There were five witnessess schedule to testify on Thursday, the most notable of them being Baylor president Ken Starr, and Stanford athletic director Bernard Muir.