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Maryland in the Big Ten: LGHL podcast w/ Testudo Times' Pete Volk

Hangout in the Holy Land is reborn, where we discuss all things Maryland, Washington, D.C., and the N64

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The LGHL podcast, Hangout in the Holy Land, has returned, after a long absence. After several episodes under our belt, we're planning on doing things a little differently, moving from a video podcast format to audio only, at BlogTalkRadio, and we're looking to bring on more guests to share their knowledge with you. We will continue to make tweaks over production value and formatting over the next few weeks, (including the ability to take live calls), and we still hope to make our Hangouts a regular part of the LGHL experience.

Our first episode under the new format is with Testudo Times co-manager (and frequent contributor) Pete Volk, to discuss all things Maryland. We hit on whether Maryland is a legitimate threat to beat Ohio State in football this year, who some of their Big Ten rivalry candidates are, why their relationship and breakup with the ACC was a tumultuous one,  and at the end, some discussion on DC's public transportation system, where to grab a drink in this town, and the N64. Because the N64 is awesome.

You can listen to the episode here, and we'll break down the topics below:

Current Football Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Hang Out in the Holy LandXLGHL on BlogTalkRadio

0:00 - Intro, guest welcome

2:00 - Discussion of the Big Ten Tournament to D.C., what that means for Maryland and Maryland fans

4:50 - Maryland's breakup with the ACC, and how they may fit within the Big Ten

7:30 - Prospects for rivalries with Maryland in the Big Ten, re: Penn State (also, Culvers)

11:00 - What does Maryland think of Rutgers, and more rivalry talk

13:30 - What do Ohio State/Big Ten fans need to know about Maryland football, this season?

18:00 - Should Ohio State be worried about Maryland next season?

22:00 - Maryland basketball transfers – how worried are Maryland fans? Will they be any good?

24:45 - What should Big Ten fans know about Washington D.C. in general?

28:00 - Various D.C. Metro related conversation. #Hot #Public #Transit #Takes

30:00 - Discussion of which classic N64 games are best, and whether GoldenEye has aged well

Questions? Comments? Future podcast ideas/guests/questions? #Hot #Maryland #Takes?