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Jim Tressel named Youngstown State president

The former head coach will be the next president at YSU.

Mitchell Leff

After a career in coaching that spanned 35 years and two years at the University of Akron, most recently as Vice President of Strategic Engagement, it appears Jim Tressel is moving on to the next chapter.

Following an interview process which saw him in the mix at both Akron and Youngstown State University, the former Ohio State (and YSU) head coach will be the next president in Youngstown. This will mark Tressel's first such job as a university president.

Tressel's career in coaching ended in ignominy after being found complicit in the Buckeyes' tattoo-for-bartering scandal in which it was found he lied to the NCAA about what he knew and when related to OSU student athletes getting tattoos, marijuana, and cash in exchange for memorabilia. The former coach has since claimed he was attempting to protect the players from a situation that included an FBI investigation.

While there's all but sure to be #hot #takes in the days ahead critical of a university welcoming an individual still under the NCAA's show-cause (which requires university's to very literally show cause to the governing body if they hire an individual convicted of certain violations in order for him to be able to coach immediately), support amongst YSU factions should make this arguably the best chance for Tressel to grow into and succeed at this level. Some have speculated that the show cause will follow Tressel into the university's presidency.

During a public forum to interview for the Akron position, Tressel emphasized that his past in intercollegiate athletics would not make things any easier for any coaches (particularly football) who served for him, stating that his experience working in that sector would cause him to run his university differently from those without. Tressel had also said publicly recently he no longer planned to coach ever again.

We spoke to Football Scoop's Scott Rousel a few weeks ago, who said that he believes Tressel would make an excellent president.