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Podcast: What does Jim Tressel to Youngstown State mean? We talk with's Libby Nelson

On this episode of Hangout in the Holy Land, we sit down with Education Reporter Libby Nelson to explain what Tressel to Youngstown State means, what challenges he may face, and whether Kansas is in the midwest or not.

Mitchell Leff

In case you somehow missed it, former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel will be the next president at Youngstown State, completing perhaps the most unlikely career arc ever. The sports internet world is full of #takes on the subject, from the mostly fair to the partisan and ridiculous.

All of them seem to be missing something. What exactly does Tressel have to do in his new job? It's more than the somewhat pithy "just fundraise" bit, right? What are some of the challenges he might be facing? Why would a school hire him? Could there be more coaches making the jump?

To discuss these issues, we sat down and had a quick chat with's excellent reporter (and Northwestern grad) Libby Nelson. The podcast is fairly short, but the time breakdown can be found below:

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0:00 Intro

3:20 What exactly do university presidents do?

4:30 Does it matter that Jim Tressel doesn't have a PhD?

7:00 Are more schools looking to hire non academics?

8:40 What are some of the challenges that Tressel may face as a university president?

12:10 Could anybody else make this jump? PRESIDENT FITZ?!?

14:30 Is Kansas in the midwest? WHERE IS THE MIDWEST, time is a flat circle, etc.

Also, thanks for being patient as we bring the podcasts back. We'll be continuing to make tweaks in our format to improve sound quality, interactivity and more, over the coming weeks.