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Everything you need to know about Rutgers: A podcast with On The Banks

We chat with Kevin Recio from On The Banks about everything you need to know about Rutgers football, their move to the Big Ten, and something glorious called a "Grease Truck".

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Friends, it's time for us to talk about something serious. We can't keep putting it off. It's time to talk about Rutgers. This is a thing, it is happening, and we need to be prepared, and informed.

That's what Hangout in the Holy Land is for. In our next episode, we chat with the editor of On The Banks, Kevin Recio, to chat about everything you could possibly want to know about Rutgers: the school, the football team, their eats, and more. It's an engaging and knowledgeable interview that you are not going to want to miss.

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Response to Hangout in the Holy Land has been great so far! If you don't want to miss another episode, you can follow us on Blog Talk Radio, or subscribe on iTunes. If you're wondering what we're going to chat about on this episode, check it out below:

* The results to the QB battle at Rutgers, and we can expect from that position group

* What skill position players Big Ten fans need to know at Rutgers

* Can Rutgers improve their big-play suseptible defense?

* Is Penn State the "rival" right now? Are there prospects for other rivals in the league?

* What is a reasonable expectation for Rutgers in their first year of B1G play, and whether the Penn State game can make or break their season

* What Big Ten fans need to know about campus life, the school and state, and why everybody needs to eat at a Grease Truck

* A defense of Rutgers' embattled AD

and more! Give it a listen, and give our other hangouts a listen, where we hit OSU football and basketball recruiting, bagmen, Maryland, and more.