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Why is this news?: Former Ohio State CB Bradley Roby signs rookie contract, Ray Small on Tatgate

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Bradley Roby has signed his rookie contract and is now looking to make noise in the Broncos' minicamp.
Bradley Roby has signed his rookie contract and is now looking to make noise in the Broncos' minicamp.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

"Roby's deal is expected to be for $6.95 million over four years, per the Collective Bargaining Agreement's slotted rookie contract arrangement. Unlike the rest of his draft classmates, Roby's contract will also include a fifth-year option, since he is a first round draft pick."

- Kyle Montgomery, Mile High Report

Former Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby has now signed his rookie contract after being drafted by the Denver Broncos during the 2014 NFL Draft. The Buckeye turned Bronco is expected to make $6.95 million over the next four years. Since he's a first-rounder, Roby will have a fifth-year option in his contract.

Roby has also been making noise in the Broncos' minicamp, as he's supposedly been keeping pace with star wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. Things are looking up for the rookie and he's looking to make a big splash in his first season in the NFL. Impressing in minicamp is a good way to start that off.

"'When I didn't get an (NFL) call for four, five months, I just thought it was over. I went back to hanging out with people I hung out with in high school and I got caught up with them doing dumb things. I couldn't fathom the fact I wasn't playing football. I played football since I was 6 years old, so it was kind of a heart-tearing moment. It was hard to take someone turning you down when you still have the talent to do it.'"

- Former Ohio State wide receiver Ray Small, via Doug Lesmerises, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Ray Small has struggled with living up to expectations, whether it be at Ohio State, where he would shine in the spring games and in very short instances during the season but often finding himself more in Jim Tressel's doghouse than anything else. After trying to make it into the NFL and falling short, Small found himself in more trouble, but this time, with the law. Now, Small will spend the next few years in prison on a four-year sentence.

However, Small is already motivated to look towards the future and move on. He's already thinking about getting out, though if the judge doesn't let him out early, Small will be in prison until 2017. One of the things motivating Small is what an employee at the prison said to him while being processed.

"He made a comment to me, like, 'I hate people like you and Maurice Clarett that had the talent and (messed) it all up,'" Small said. "Right there, every time I go to sleep or wake up, that's what I hear in my head, because he told me I'm never going to be nothing no more and he was going to file me as a (gang member). And I haven't been in a gang never in my life, and he was like, 'Whatever, you sell drugs.' And I was like, 'All right.'"

I found that to be pretty harsh, but Small takes it in stride and continues using that to help him through his time, waiting for the day he gets out. I only wish him the best of luck.

"'I don't think anybody has been through the trials and tribulations like I have, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. It's been mentally challenging and physically challenging. But it's definitely been worth it.'"

- Former Ohio State tight end Jake Ballard, via Scott Bordow, azcentral

Jake Ballard has a Super Bowl ring and some would say that's a pretty successful career in itself, but Ballard is like a lot of players in that he also loves to compete. So when he was in the back room during the ending of the Giants win over the Patriots, I'm sure Ballard didn't feel as if he contributed all that much. Now, injury-free and on a team where he's not fighting for a spot, the former Buckeye is just focusing on football from here on. He's played for three teams, been released three times, missed a season to injury, but is back at being fully healthy.

With Arizona, who he signed with last November, Ballard caught his first touchdown pass in two years against the Titans last December. With that momentum, and a head coach that is looking to move him into a more significant role, Ballard is ready to help lead the Cardinals this season to victory. Since everyone knows what he's capable of, I have no doubt he'll be successful.

"The Tigers romp in Happy Valley, then return home to take down Iowa and finish 12-0. And then the Tigers lose to Ohio State (No. 9) in Indianapolis."

- Bill Connelly, Rock M Nation

Bill Connelly, of Rock M Nation, took a look at what would have happened if Missouri had joined the Big Ten back in the summer of 2010 instead of Nebraska. Looking through the article, Bill has Missouri winning against Ohio State in their first season in the Big Ten, which is understandable, considering that Buckeye team ended the year 6-7 with a freshman quarterback named Braxton Miller. That year, he has the Tigers finishing a respectable 9-4 with a loss to South Carolina in the Capitol One bowl.

The following season, Bill says the Tigers would get "pasted" by the Buckeyes en route to a 5-7 season, missing a bowl game. For his predictions as to what would have gone down last season, Bill believes Missouri rolls to an 9-0 record before hosting Michigan State. Using his imagination, as he says, Bill predicts that Missouri beats Michigan State and closes the season with the rest of the games as wins to head to Indianapolis to take on Ohio State for the Big Ten championship.

The quote above shows that the Tigers fall to the Buckeyes and head to the Rose Bowl (sending Ohio State to the national championship) where the Tigers lose to Stanford. So, basically, all of this was just for you to know that if the Big Ten would have gone after Missouri, OHIO STATE WOULD BE IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Still hurts, man.