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The best bars in Columbus to watch the 2014 World Cup

The 2014 World Cup is about to start! Where are the best places that you should be watching in Columbus? Here's a list of some of the top places.

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Fourth Street Bar & Grill - 1810 North Fourth Street

The night before the most recent edition of Dos a Cero at Crew Stadium, Fourth Street hosted the supporters' party for the American Outlaws, so you know they are serious about their soccer there. Not only is there your typical sports bar setup with TVs everywhere you are going to need them, but they also have over 30 beers on tap. According to their Facebook page they are bringing in a few that correspond with some of the countries that are competing in the World Cup just to add to the variety. You're gonna wanna be there for their happy hour where food and drinks are half-off, but that'll work perfectly since a majority of World Cup matches will be played during that time.

Fado - 4022 Townsfair Way

Located over at Easton, many soccer fans have made Fado their destination for some of the early European matches on the weekends for years. Fado has also been recognized as an official US Soccer bar, and will be holding viewing parties for the group stage matches. Fado features over 15 beers on tap with a majority of them being European brews, as well as a number of Guinness mixes that can be ordered. The food also have a heavy European influence with some of the notables being the all-day Irish breakfast, fish & chips, corned beef & cabbage, and shepherd's pie. If you live over on the east side of town, or work in the Easton area I would highly recommend Fado if you're looking to catch a game during a lunch hour or are sneaking out of work early to watch a match.

The Pub - 1554 Polaris Parkway

The Pub up on Polaris Parkway really wants fans to get into the World Cup spirit, and during the month-long competition are holding a promotion where you'll earn prizes if you visit on five or ten matchdays, or for the most hardcore fans, every matchday. Along with that they're offering food and drink specials over the next month. The Pub offers over 20 beers on draft as well as a hearty menu of your traditional pub fare. If you live in the Polaris area and love soccer, this is where you're gonna wanna be at least a few times over the next month.

Claddagh Irish Pub - 585 Front Street

Much like Fado, Claddagh is a popular destination among European football fans on the weekends if they are looking to go out for their team's matches. Claddagh is located just south of downtown in the Brewery District. The food served is much like the food that Fado offers, with some notable menu items being scotch eggs, Guinness basked mac & cheese, and Irish beef stew. While the number of beers they have on draft isn't quite as plentiful as Fado, they still do have a heavy European influence.

The Three Legged Mare - 401 North Front Street

For those that frequent the Arena District, The Three Legged Mare is gonna be your preferred destination during the World Cup. With over 15 TVs and two projection screens, the soccering that'll be going on in Brazil will never be out of eyeshot here. Much like the previous three entries on this list, this Irish pub offers your traditional Irish fare in the way of food, as well as a hefty selection of draft beers. Plus with the location you could possibly parlay stopping here into a trip over to Huntington Park after if the Clippers are in town.

Chumley's - 1918 North High Street

I remember the days (well mostly late nights I was there) when Chumley's used to be the Steak & Shake on campus, and I must say that I wish it was a bar like it is now when I was living on campus. Chumley's offers 50 beers on tap and over 100 different bottles. Not only that but on Monday's and Thursday's (USMNT plays Ghana on a Monday and Germany on a Thursday afternoon) is their "schooner night". Just think like mug night at Out-r-Inn except the schooners measure out at three pints. So if you want to give your all, including your liver, for the USMNT during the World Cup, you can do it for not very much money.

Dub Pub - 5736 Frantz Road

And where in Columbus will your author be spending his time watching the World Cup? It will be here at Dub Pub. Since a majority of the kickoffs are at 12/3/6 and Dub Pub has domestic buckets that are six for $10 from 11-7 it was pretty much a match made in heaven. Also they have a good draft selection if you're looking for some craft beers while watching some of the action in Brazil. Their many TVs will come in handy during the United States' last game of the group stage when they are playing Germany while Ghana is taking on Portugal with a spot in the knockout rounds up for grabs.