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Ohio State football podcast: All things Wisconsin with BuckAround

Just because the Buckeyes don't play Wisconsin doesn't mean Buckeye fans shouldn't be informed about their program. We catch up with BuckAround to get all the details.

Scott Halleran

Ohio State won't play Wisconsin in the regular season next year, but a showdown in the Big Ten Championship is still a possibility, and even if the two don't butt heads this year, the Badgers are projected to be right in the thick of the league and the Top 25 next year. There are a lot of questions about the roster this year, and in this Hangout in the Holy Land, we get you the answers, after chatting with our friend Rich, from the Badger podcast, BuckAround.

As always, you can subscribe to the Hangout via iTunes, or check out our previous episodes here. Or, you could just listen below:

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In this episode, we discuss

*A quick recap of World Cup goings on

*Wisconsin's spring QB battle: Is Wisconsin rolling with Joel Stave, or will a challenger appear?

* Whatever happened to that Bart Houston guy, and is he a transfer risk?

* Who is going to be catching the ball for Wisconsin?

* Given Wisconsin's demographic and academic challenges, how will they recruit at a high level? What new markets will they look into, and how might that impact Ohio State?

* Does Wisconsin need to beat LSU this season for the year to be a success? Are they the favorites in the Big Ten West?

* What will Wisconsin's linebacker corps look like?

And more!