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WITN?: Roethlisberger: '[Shazier]'s going to be calling the defense pretty soon', Urban Meyer's 2008 Florida squad the best ever?

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Joe Sargent

"I think he's going to be a guy that's going to be calling the defense pretty soon."

-Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on Ryan Shazier

When he arrived as a true Freshman at Ohio State, it didn't take long for Ryan Shazier to make his presence known. One of a few bright spots in the lost season of 2011, Shazier racked up 57 total tackles, five tackles for loss, and three sacks. If Ben Roethlisberger is to be believed, he might have a similar impact as an NFL rookie.

Roethlisberger told radio station 102.5 WDVN that it's Shazier's intelligence that sets him apart "He's going to be fun to watch, and the thing about him that is most underrated that people don't talk about is he's very smart on the field." Roethlisberger has been around for a while and for him to heap that much praise on a rookie says something substantial. At this point it's hard not to imagine Shazier earning a starting OLB spot on Pittsburgh's defense and if history is any indication, his impact will be felt early and often.

"I've been a part of a couple great teams, I think the best team to ever play the game in '08 (at Florida). And that was (because) animal instincts took over on the field. They protected each other."

-Urban Meyer

It's 85 degrees outside in Columbus today, but the takes coming out of Urban Meyer's office may be even hotter. Last weekend while speaking to campers at the Sound Mind Sound Body Football Academy, Meyer called his 2008 Florida squad led by Tim Tebow, Brandon Spikes, and Percy Harvin the greatest team in the history of major college foootball. Even better than his 2006 squad that beat Ohio State by a cool 30 points.

So was he right? Well, probably not. One team that was no-doubt happy to hear the news was Ole Miss, who can now raise a "beat the greatest team of all time" banner. The Rebels dropped the 2008 Gators 30-31 in the game that led to the famous Tim Tebow "speech." There are a few squads from Nebraska, Miami, Alabama, Texas, and USC who might offer an objection to Meyer's assertation...and that's only looking at the last 20 or so years.

Let's not get too spun up on this, though. Ultimately, it was a comment made by a very biased coach in a very informal setting. It just happened to be caught on tape. Insider ($)

College Football prognosticator Phil Steele has released his projected top five teams for the 2014 season and the Buckeyes check in at number 3. In Steele's preview (which is on newsstands later this month), he pegs the Buckeyes to matchup against Alabama in the Rose Bowl January 1 opposite Florida State and Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.

Should Steele's projections hold true, it would be the fourth time that the Tide and the Buckeyes have crossed paths. Alabama has won all three previous meetings. Most recently the two teams met in 1995 with John Cooper's Buckeyes falling 24-17 to Gene Stallings 'Bama squad.

Three might be a bit high for a Buckeye squad that Vegas expects to lose to Michigan State, but not by much. We'll find out starting in 75(!!!) days.

"Lou Rosselli has been named 2013 Freestyle Coach of the Year by USA Wrestling. It is the second time that Rosselli has received this prestigious award, to go along with his award in 2007."


For the second time in his freestyle coaching career, USA Wrestling has named Lou Rosselli its coach of the year. Rosselli, who coaches at the Ohio Regional Training Center located on the Ohio State Campus, has been an associate head coach with the Buckeyes for nine seasons. This award is for his offseason work with USA Wrestling.

Rosselli is the personal coach for five 2013 U.S. Freestyle World Team members including Angel Escobedo, Keith Gavin, J.D. Bergman, Tervel Dlagnev, and Reece Humphrey.