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Ohio State football podcast: Northwestern and NCAA lawsuits with Kevin Trahan

In our latest podcast, we chat with Inside NU and SB Nation contributor Kevin Trahan about all things Northwestern, O'Bannon, and more

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The World Cup is in full swing right now (U-S-A! U-S-A!), and thankfully, college football news has downshifted a little bit so we can all watch. Perhaps the only big college football related news story happening right now is with NCAA lawsuits, and legal challenges to the amateurism model. This *is* a big story.

Few have followed the story as closely as Kevin Trahan, who has written multiple stories on the legal battles for On our latest Hangout in the Holy Land, we have Trahan explain what has gone on with the trails so far, what the NCAA's plan is, and what this all means for college sports fans. Trahan is also the editor for InsideNU, and chats Wildcat football with us as well.

As always, you can subscribe to the Hangout via iTunes, or check out our previous episodes here. Or, you could just listen below:

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On this podcast, we discuss:

  • Northwestern's QB situation, and whether some talented four-stars can push for stealing snaps
  • Where the playmakers on offense will come from
  • Do recruiting rankings matter?
  • Where Northwestern's defense ranks compared to other B1G schools
  • A primer on O'Bannon and other NCAA lawsuits
  • Why the NCAA won't settle, and what their strategy is
  • What these lawsuits mean for fans and college football as a whole
  • Why Culvers is totally awesome
  • What the state of current "competitive balance" is, and whether paying players could help bring about *more* competitive balance
If you have questions/concerns/HOTTAKES, feel free to email me at Thanks for listening.