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Nick Conner to Ohio State: What it means

We take a look at what the commitment of Nick Conner means for the Buckeyes.

The busy month of June rolled on today when Urban Meyer and company added their seventh commitment in the 2015 recruiting class and their fourth commitment in the month of June alone.

I was happy to see Nick get the offer from Ohio State and definitely think he's a guy who was worthy of landing an offer from the Buckeyes. He's definitely one of the best players in the state and has the ability to play all three linebacker positions, which you don't see every day.

I've seen Conner in action two times and was impressed with what I saw each of the times, though I was a little more impressed in February at the Best of the Midwest Combine than I was at the camp today, though he still held his own against the top players at the camp. I honestly think he might be the best of Ohio State's "solid" commitments in the 2015 class. Eric Glover-Williams has the most talent in my opinion, though his status is kind of up in the air as things currently stand.

I don't think he's going to step on the field day one and have an immediate impact, but after a year getting coached up and working hard in the weight room he has the chance to become a big contributor to the Ohio State defense.

Conner is a very athletic linebacker and definitely looks the part when you see him up close. He fits at all three linebacker spots, though right now I think he's most likely to play inside. I see Jerome Baker and Justin Hilliard (though he's versatile, too) as guys who fit better on the outside, especially Baker, who's only 210 pounds right now.

Speaking of Baker and Hilliard, I think the Buckeyes would love to land these two players and call it a day at the linebacker position. I know they were still pursing Sh'mar Kilby-Lane, but they may stop if they land the two standouts from the state of Ohio. I don't see them taking eight linebackers in two recruiting classes. As things currently stand, I think the Buckeyes are favorites to land both Baker and Hilliard.

In addition to being a very talented football player, Conner is another guy who could help recruit for this class. As a local guy, he can make it to campus at almost anytime and could be someone who's on campus whenever the Buckeyes are hosting a couple of big visitors.