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Ohio State basketball schedule 2014: Bucks to host Sacred Heart in November

Another slot on Ohio State's schedule fills up, as the Buckeyes will play host to Sacred Heart

Ethan Miller

Fans who were concerned that Ohio State basketball's schedules lacked for star power last year have reason to be excited for this year's slate. After all, the Buckeyes will play host to Marquette, face UNC in Chicago, and will travel to Louisville, and that's just what we know about right now. At the top, there is plenty to be excited about, and to test the team.

Of course, not every nonconference game can be against an elite squad, especially when you have to tangle with the Big Ten during conference play. Every schedule has a few less glamorous games, and we now know another one for Ohio State's next schedule. Land-Grant Holy Land has confirmed that the Buckeyes will host the Sacred Heart Pioneers on November 23, 2014. That is the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

The Buckeyes may yet schedule a few more plucky mid majors who could give the team a scare, but Sacred Heart probably isn't that team. The Pioneers finished 5-26 last season in the Northeast Conference, and won only two conference games. Sacred Heart finished No. 297 in KenPom last season, and had an RPI of 339, one of the worst in the country. The worst team Ohio State faced last season, Central Connecticut State, had an RPI of 293. Anything can happen, but compared to teams in the first paragraph, this probably isn't one to lose sleep over.

Ohio State will also face UMass-Lowell. We'll have more non-conference news as it develops.