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Ohio State recruiting: Darius Fullwood talks OSU camp, upcoming decision

Olney (MD) Good Counsel defensive end Darius Fullwood talks about his Ohio State camp experience and his upcoming college decision.

Miles Joseph- SB Nation

Many class of 2015 recruits were trying to earn an offer or a committable one at Ohio State's one day camp on Thursday. One of the top guys was Olney (MD) Good Counsel defensive end Darius Fullwood.

Fullwood thought he performed well at the camp, but was a little disappointed he wasn't full speed near the end as he pulled his groin at the start of camp.

"I definitely wanted to continue to work on my game like I have been in the past couple of camps," Fullwood said following his camp performance at Ohio State. "I pulled my groin before we started one-on-one's, so I was a little bit slow today, but I didn't want to stop. I wanted to keep going and at least show them a little something. I think I did well in the drills and showed good effort."

After the camp, Fullwood had the chance to sit down with defensive line coach Larry Johnson to talk about where he stands with the Buckeyes.

"Every conversation we have he keeps it real," Fullwood said. "He basically let me know they're going to evaluate me and a few other players. They like to look at the film from the camps and get a chance to sit down as a staff and look over each play. He said he would probably give me a call on Sunday to let me know where I stand."

If his offer from the Buckeyes comes committable, it would be big in Fullwood's recruitment.

"I think they'll be high on my list, like they have been before," he stated. "It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. They've got a great coach who's looking out for me and wants me to be a part of this program. He wouldn't want me to come to camp or fight for me in the staff room if he didn't want me to be in this program. I think he would develop me really well."

There are six schools standing out for Fullwood as his June 28th college decision draws closer.

"Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Duke, Kentucky, Maryland, and Rutgers are the ones standing out right now," he admitted. "After I talk with (Coach Johnson) Sunday, I'll figure out which schools I'm going to be choosing from because I'm deciding next Saturday."

When he sits down to make his final decision over the next week or so, there are a couple of main factors he'll be taking into account.

"I've been to a lot of the schools more than one time. Every time I go I get kind of a different perspective of the school," he continued. "I think it's going to come down to what the best fit is for me. Everyone has good academics based on the schools I'm considering. You can get a great education at all of those schools. I just have to figure out which one will give me the best network when I graduate, who will be able to develop me in the best way, and the environment I feel the most comfortable with."