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Podcast: A closer look at college football video games with Andrew Lind

We chat with Andrew Lind about all things college sports and video games, from how to continue the NCAA franchise, to how the games are changing, to how to beat your little brothers.

In our latest edition of Hangout in the Holy Land, we step away from recruiting news (if only for a second), to discuss an issue of vital importance in the college football universe.

Specifically, video games.

We catch up with LGHL contributor Andrew Lind to discuss his recent article on how EA could use customization to help them continue the NCAA Football franchise, even in the face of legal instability. From there, we hit a variety of college sports video game related topics, including the important task of how to delude small children that they're actually playing along. Important when you're trying to stall for time to beat that final boss.

As always, you can subscribe to HITHL via iTunes, or check out our previous episodes here. Or, you could just listen below:

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Topics discussed on this podcast include:

* Andrew's article on how EA Sports could ride TeamBuilder to a continuation of the series

* The best strategies for TeamBuilder

* How college football video games have changed over the years, and what we miss from the old versions

* How to trick small children into thinking they're playing when they actually aren't

* The best college sports video games across all systems

* The uncertain future of college sports and video games