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Ohio State recruiting: NFTC and Elite 11 roundup podcast

After a busy last few days of Ohio State recruiting news, we check in with Miles Joseph to help us make sense of recent camps and more.

After a period of relaive quiet on the Ohio State recruiting news front, the last few days have been really busy, thanks to the commitment of QB Joe Burrow, and the recent NFTC and Elite 11 camps in Columbus. We decided to touch base with a man who has been following all of this news closely, Miles Joseph, to help us make sense of what we need to know.

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Topics discussed on this podcast include:

* A scouting report on new Buckeye QB Joe Burrow, including his performance at Elite 11

* A scouting report on Buckeye QB commit Danny Clark, including his performance at Elite 11, and how he's different from Burrow

* A look a which other Buckeye targets performed well at NFTC, and who may have changed their recruiting timetable

* An update on Justin Hilliard

* A closer look at other big dates on the Ohio State recruiting calender

* A look at which commits are on "COMMIT WATCH" over the next two weeks

* A discussion about the All-Ohio recruit team, which Miles helped put together.

We have more guests planned over the summer, but if you have suggestions, feel free to tweet them to us, or email me. We are also planning on answering questions on a show soon, so if you have any (recruiting, OSU related, or hell, about anything, really), fire away from our Twitter accouts, or