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Podcast: Ohio State marching band, Michigan ticket sales problems, and more

On the latest Hangout in the Holy Land, we chat with one of LGHL's newest writers, Patrick Martyn, about TBDBITL tryouts, new Big Ten Championship sites, and more.

Gregory Shamus

One of our best received posts of the past week was a look at the tryout process for the Ohio State Marching Band, or TBDBITL, from one of LGHL's newest contributors, Patrick Martyn. We decided to catch up with Patrick to get some more details on what makes this process so difficult, why TBDBITL is so amazing, as well as his thoughts on a few of the biggest college sports stories of the day.

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Topics covered on this show include:

  • The Big Ten's recent announcement of championship locations. Do we like the move, and what other cities might be good?
  • A discussion of TBDBITL tryout procedures, and why it is so hard and intense
  • Spitballing on what TBDBITL could do next year, now that they've already had T-Rex formations
  • A discussion over the most insufferable sports fanbases, and what our $15 dollar team would look like
  • Michigan's recent ticket sales problem, and what can be done to address it